Our publications in 2021

Volt manifeste pour les langues régionales

Press Release: Volt committed to regional languages


After the partial censure of the Molac law, Volt France is calling on the government to act to ensure that immersion teaching is protected and that diacritical marks for regional languages are allowed. Read more…

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Press Release: EuropeCares becomes an Independent Humanitarian Organisation


The EuropeCares Organisation will focus on raising humanitarian aid and awareness of societal issues. Volt is committed to a future of greater social innovation and effective policy change. Read more…

Volt France aux Régionales et aux Départementales

Press Release: Volt France is present for the departmental and regional elections


The pan-European Volt movement marks a major step in its national development and participates in departmental and regional elections in many French territories. Read more...

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Position: Law for Climate - Citizen participation is for naming bridges


The remains of the Citizens' Climate Convention will be discussed in the National Assembly in the coming days. It is an exercise to mask our efforts against climate change, just as much as citizen participation initiatives seem to be potemkin conventions. (Publication in French)

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Elections: Tailwind from abroad for the regional elections


Volt presents a progressive programme for the regional elections - Call for candidates in municipalities without political label. Read more (Publication in French)

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Position: Public security - Step by step towards a dytopia


The extension of the "public security" law and the collection of religious, political and health data removes yet another stone from the foundation of our democracy and the principles on which our republic is built. Read more... (Publication in French)

Our publications in 2020

Offshore Wind Turbines

Opinion . Dunkerque - Gone with the wind


After the region declared in its last SRADDET, that no more onshore wind turbines will be installed in the Hauts-de-France, we must be creative to further increase our share of renewable energies. Read more… (publication in French)

Modernisation Lille-Lesquin

Opinion: Lille-Lesquin - more flights or reduced emissions?


Lille-Lesquin airport is planning a major modernisation, which includes not only bringing the airport into compliance with regulatory standards, but also aims to significantly increase the airport's capacity from the current 2.19 million passengers per year to 3.9 million passengers in 2039. Read more… (publication in French)

Micro-Ouvert : Discutons l'emploi et la formation

Analysis: Employment and training in the region


During our last open-microphone session, we discussed the implications of Covid on employment and training - key topics of regional policy in the Hauts-de-France. Read more… (article in French)

Micro-Ouvert | La Culture

Analysis: Culture during the health crisis


In our second open-microphone session, we discussed the implications of Covid on the cultural sector and its situation in general and in the long term in the face of competition from GAFAM. Read more… (article in French)

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Opinion: CSNE - Are we talking a "green investment"?


While the region is already facing the economic fallout from Covid-19 and while we can feel that climate change is starting to affect our lives, Volt Hauts-de-France wonders whether a public investment on the scale of the CSNE should not be a "green investment"? Read more… (publication in French)

Analysis: The economic policy of the region


In our first open discussion, we discussed several facets of the region's economic policy and how they might be affected by Covid in the future. Read more… (artcile in French)

Opinion: PCAET of the MEL - Too little, too late?


The MEL is currently finalising the Territorial Climate-Air-Environment Plan (PCAET) for 2020-2025. Without having the necessary time to study in detail a document with such important consequences, the Volt Hauts-de-France team would nevertheless like to underline the weaknesses of the plan that should be considered for its final version. Read more… (publication in French)

Analysis: The Eurometropolis - where ambition meets reality


As Rudy Demotte is elected president of the Eurometropole for the third time, one wonders whether the pioneering European project launched in 2008 will finally emerge from its Cinderella sleep or whether we will continue to watch a cross-border version of Groundhog Day. Read more… (publication in French)

Tribune: Who votes after everyone has left?


Why the right of foreigners to vote is so important and how the European Citizens' Initiative VotersWithoutBorders tries to achieve genuine universal suffrage for EU citizens. Read more… (publication in French)

Analysis: The reintroduction of neonicotinoids


On 6 October, the National Assembly voted in favour of passing a law to reintroduce neonicotinoids, on the grounds that there was no alternative to protect the French sugar industry suffering from an epidemic of M. Persicae insects that threatens the beet harvest. Read more… (publication in French)

Elections: Citizen candidature - let's go!


We have launched our registration page for citizens interested in running in next year's regional elections in a list led by Volt. Read more about it… (article in French)

Activites: Volt cooperates with "Voters without Borders".


"Voters without Borders" is an initiative launched by a group of students for universal suffrage, i.e. universal suffrage for EU citizens in their country of residence in Europe. Read more… (article in French)

Our publications in 2019