Our Programme

Politics. Made by citizens. For citizens

Volt is a citizens' movement. We believe that a society can only exist and develop by giving everyone a voice and by implementing an agenda that leaves no one on the behind. According to this principle, we are concerned with governing with citizens rather than governing citizens. We believe that good politics is about spending more time listening than talking. Taking more specific measures than a bureaucratic administration through procedure and planning. It means more effort because decisions will have to be taken on the basis of the general interest rather than on the basis of the interest of a few. At Volt, we are volunteers who share this idea of empowering citizens and reinventing politics by making it what it should be: made by citizens for citizens.

The process of creating policies and our programme

Our members across Europe have worked and adopted a process of policy creation, which we also apply at the regional level - with the difference that anyone interested (Volt member or not) can make proposals or ask for amendments to an existing proposal. The process is described in the graph below:

Our programme for the 2021 Regionals

We've developped 32 proposals across 12 priorities for the upcoming regional elections. Details can be found on the page of our programme:

Graphic - le programme
Politics for the future - The Programme

Mapping of policies

The Volt Policy Charter is a living document that defines our values and goals across Europe. Everyone is invited to contribute to these policy proposals!

With this programme we want to meet the 5+1 challenges in every European country. The "5" challenges - an intelligent state, social equality, economic renaissance, politically active citizenship, global balance - we want to master at the local, regional and national level throughout Europe. The "+1" - EU reform - is the same for all countries, as it explains how we want to reform and strengthen the EU.