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Volt Hauts-de-France : #lapolitiquepourlavenir

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Politics for the future

12 Themes

Our programme is based on the competences of a region (more info on the project page). Regions have a lot of influence in some areas - for example on how to distribute EU funds - while they can't do anything in others. We have chosen twelve themes from these competences - our priorities for the Hauts-de-France - and developed proposals for each of them in a number of open and internal workshops.

32 Proposals

We developed 32 proposals. Each proposal starts with a justification, which explains why we think that this proposal is important. Then there are specific measures that we want to implement. For each measure, we have tried to estimate the cost. This is of course a hypothetical exercise based on available online source. It is however useful to get an idea.

4 Colors

We use 4 colours at Volt: red for solidarity, green for ecology, blue for economy and yellow for responsibility and citizen participation. This is our DNA - for a transiton to a more healthy ecosystem and environment, a more sustainable economy, a more solidary society. In our programme you will find a lot of red, green and blue. However, there are no yellow proposals. That's because our applicants page is the "yellow" part of our project. We would like to present a list of citizen candidates. A list of citizens taking responsibility and representing this programme with us. If you think that some of our proposals are worth implementing, register as a supporting or eligible candidate and help us to reach the starting block for the elections.

Our proposals

1. Economic Development

1. Ensure that the maximum amount of European funds is acquired and distributed in the Hauts-de-France region

  • Ensure that our administration is not a handicap;
  • Ensure the visibility of the programmes at regional level;
  • Communicate clearly about EU programmes;
Programme HdF - Les renouvelables

2. Expand renewable energies as a regional energy backbone

  • Invest in the capacity of our electricity network;
  • Promote the installation of balanced wind turbines throughout the territory;
  • Establish photovoltaic energy at an equivalent level of wind turbines in the territory;
  • Stop the project to install an offshore wind farm in Dunkirk;
Programme Hauts-de-France - L'agriculture

3. Start the transition to sustainable agriculture and land restoration

  • Encourage agrivoltaic farming and leave land fallow to recover;
  • Introduce agroforestry with compensation for captured CO2;
  • Limit sales of Safers to organic farmers and for local distribution;
  • Launch an initiative "More food with fewer resources";
  • Ensure that the limits of methanisation are respected;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Pôle competitivité

4. Establish a centre of expertise linked to ecological transition priorities

  • Create a centre of competence for renewable energies and ecological transition ;
  • Declare a climate emergency for the Hauts-de-France region;
  • Publish "Our road to 2030" showing the region's progress;
  • Help companies to establish their ecological footprint;
  • Coordinate the research efforts of the region's universities and businesses;
  • Develop content for training programmes;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Durabilité

5. Stop supporting large-scale projects that undermine climate change mitigation efforts

  • Create an economic and ecological stress test for large-scale projects;
  • Carry out public enquiries during the planning phases of projects;
  • Correlate financial support with positive impact on the environmental balance sheet;

2. Vocational training, apprenticeship

Programme Hauts-de-France - Alternance

6. Encourage companies and students to follow a work-study programme aimed at creating permanent employment contracts.

  • Launch a campaign to develop the attractiveness of the handicrafts;
  • Accredit companies for specific subjects of the work-study programme;
  • Establish registers of accredited companies and available positions;
  • Change the pace of work-linked training towards a more favourable pattern towards work;
  • Grant a salary bonus to 2nd and 3rd year students so that they do not abandon their training;
  • Make the learning of foreign languages compulsory;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Prêt édudiant

7. Increase the student loan program to address student poverty

  • Introduce a regional student loan programme that adds a complementary guarantee to the state programme;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Formation

8. Make training programmes more accessible to SMEs and ensure that they provide added value to companies.

  • Organise SMEs into consortia and provide specialists in training management ;
  • Require important or necessary skills to be acquired ;
  • Evaluate qualification and requalification programmes;

3. Employment and vocational integration

Programme Hauts-de-France - Internationalité

9. Ensure that integration programmes focus on international employability

  • Assist jobseekers to learn a foreign language up to level B1 ;
  • Set up a network with foreign employment offices;
  • Launch an annual survey "Your future! The region is listening";
  • Adapt the regional training programmes to the reality of Covid;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Déchrochage

10. Promote school development and skills acquisition as something desirable

  • Gamify personal development with an application for school development ;
  • Integrate elements of augmented reality to facilitate school attendance;
  • Support the financial development of certified educational applications;

4. Education (High schools)

Programme Hauts-de-France - Écoles

11. Begin to convert vacant commercial and office space into educational and sports facilities

Identify potential sites that can be converted into educational facilities ;
Carry out a feasibility study on the necessary investments;

5. Social Action and Health

Programme Hauts-de-France - Télémédicine

12. Improve the availability of telemedicine to enable better access to health services during and after the Covid pandemic

  • Set up a regional telemedicine service on call;
  • Enable the staff of medical practices to become mobile care assistants;
  • Ensure that relevant patient data can be shared between general practitioners and specialists;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Sans Abri

13. Put in place the necessary financial means and projects to provide sanitary facilities for the homeless, isolated migrants in the region, as well as Roma

  • Provide access to drinking water and basic sanitation in Roma settlements and migrant shelters in the region;
  • Provide free sanitary products to young women;
  • Establish an official ratio of public toilets and showers to be provided;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Service santé mentale

14. Strengthen the capacity of mental health services to deal with the traumatic impact of Covid

  • Set up a network of Covid Advice Centres;
  • Ensure that advice centres throughout the region have access to tele-advice ;
  • Include a proactive emergency service, focused on maintaining contact;
  • Launch a listening campaign to help citizens confide and share their experiences;

6. Culture, social life, youth, sports and recreation

Programme Hauts-de-France - Cyclotourisme

15. Develop cycle tourism as a pillar of economic activity by taking advantage of our heritage and cultural sites and landscapes.

  • Install marking systems equivalent to those in other countries;
  • Increase the number of bicycles that can be transported on TER trains;
  • Encourage municipalities along cycle paths to set up tourist infrastructures;
  • Launch an international campaign to attract cycle tourists from neighbouring countries;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Brasseries

16. Support the brewery scene to make it one of the pillars of tourism in the Hauts-de-France region

  • Develop a strategy to make the region a destination of choice for European and foreign beer tourists:
  • Combine initiatives with cycling tourism;
  • Form partnerships with European and American beer regions and associations;
Programme - Hauts-de-France - Installations sportives

17. Ensure that local residents have access to public sports facilities

  • Finance access to school sports facilities for the general public outside school hours;
  • Create sports associations in municipalities and disadvantaged neighbourhoods;
  • Establish partnerships with retailers and transform their car parks into sports facilities;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Citadelle

18. Support a new application for the Citadelle of Lille to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • As a symbolic gesture, declare the region's support for a future application for the citadel of Lille to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site;
More info
Programme Hauts-de-France - Culture

19. Help culture and the performing arts bounce back from the Covid pandemic

  • Declare culture as an essential good for our society and our freedom of expression ;
  • Waive the working hours required to benefit from social security during a health emergency;
  • Provide a number of venues so that independent artists only have to finance their operations;
  • Provide every household in the region with cultural and tourist vouchers that can be exchanged with all independent artists and cultural and tourist institutions in the region;
  • Concentrate regional support for Lille3000 on artists and local institutions;

7. Regional planning (Sraddet)

Programme Hauts-de-France - Urbanisme

20. Require strict ecological criteria for construction projects undertaken in the region to be put in the SRADDET recommendations

  • Apply a coefficient of green spaces to ensure that they are on the surface ;
  • Introduce a minimum of open land green spaces per citizen in relation to urban density
  • Change the requirement for ground parking spaces to equivalent compulsory green spaces;
  • Make green parking spaces compulsory;
  • Require the realisation of new housing projects close to public transport systems;
  • Require new housing projects to reserve space for basic public services (schools, nurseries, shops, etc.);
Programme Hauts-de-France - Biodiversité

21. Make biodiversity conservation a priority in the region

  • Ask for an assessment of the region's biodiversity with indicators and key figures;
  • Demand that all construction projects be taken into account for the calculation of soil artificialisation;
  • Adopt the targets defined at European and national level;
  • Require that protected areas comprising at least 17% of the land surface and 10% of the marine surface;
  • Adopt and require the planting of wildflowers on the edges of paths;
  • Communicate on one of the endangered species each year by 2030;

8. Environment (natural parks, water)

Programme Hauts-de-France - Littoral

22. Implement policies that ensure that coastal protection is provided in measures equivalent to those of the EU's neighbours

  • Implementing a marine spatial planning programme ;
  • Implement a law requiring the Hauts-de-France coastline to be protected;
  • Apply these standards to insurance policies and require that man-made disasters be covered by insurers;
  • Develop a regional coastal protection plan in cooperation with municipalities and landowners;
  • Provide funding to the Conservatoire du Littoral;
  • Ensure that the security measures of the nuclear installations in Gravelines take into account the effects of climate change;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Munitions sousmergées

23. Evaluate the situation of submerged munitions along the Hauts-de-France coastline

  • Launch a study on the location, condition and environmental impact of submerged munitions along the coast;
  • Determine the possibilities and cost of disposal;

9. Large-scale facilities (river ports, airfields)

Programme Hauts-de-France

24. Adjusting the scope of the Seine North Europe Canal project to realistic economic projections and its real ecological impact

  • Require a realistic study of container traffic on the CSNE ;
  • Require an updated environmental impact study, taking into account the impact of climate change ;
  • Require the CSNE project management to propose alternative uses for the Canal Nord;
  • Require equal and adequate compensation for the land consumed;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Lille Lesquin

25. Bring Lille-Lesquin airport into compliance with regulatory requirements, but stop the extension

Assist the airport to bring its infrastructures up to regulatory standards;
Determine whether the airport can become a hub for priority freight in the UK ;

Programme Hauts-de-France - Dessalement

26. Install the first desalination plant and start shifting the drinking water supply

  • Define strict standards for the installation of desalination plants ;
  • Find a potential site close to port and railway facilities;
  • Install a first pilot desalination plant based on the latest technological discoveries;
  • Develop a long-term plan for the supply and management of drinking water;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Réseau ferroviaire

27. Provide financial means to ports to expand Ro-Ro equipment - including locked customs transport

Ensure that ports have the infrastructure to transfer freight to the rail and river network;
Establish customs clearance centres at Ro-Ro facilities;

10. Transport (rail, intermodality, road transport…)

Programme Hauts-de-France - Réseau Ferroviaire

28. Reduce car dependency in peri-urban areas by linking municipalities by train and monorail

  • Direct a share of funding from the road network (RRIR) towards the rail network and increasing capacity ;
  • Develop free access to TERs;
  • Connect employment centres and conurbations with modes of transport that can be integrated into existing traffic facilities;
    Identify pilot sites to test the monorails and create an initial installation;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Péage frêt

29. Encourage the use of trains in order to reduce air pollution and road traffic congestion.

  • Declare the region as a low-emission zone and levy an eco-compensation toll each time a truck enters the region ;
  • Support the conversion of TER trains to multimodality for passengers, their bicycles and freight;
  • Evaluate the introduction of a motorway toll for all motorways in the region;

11. Communication (network management)

Programme Hauts-de-France - Connectivité

30. Enable municipalities to become their own mobile broadband internet providers using private 4G/5G networks

  • Carry out a feasibility study and proof of concept to ensure that implementation is legally possible;
  • Provide the technical and financial means for municipalities to set up private 4G/5G network points ;

12. Housing and habitat (financing)

Programme Hauts-de-France - Rénovation

31. Intensify programmes to support the renovation of buildings in the region

  • Intensify programmes and funding for energy retrofitting ;
  • Encourage the renovation of low-income households;
Programme Hauts-de-France - Logements étudiant

32. Strengthen programmes to facilitate the construction of student and social housing

  • Create a regional fund for student housing;
  • Enable student associations to take an active role in the management of the funds;

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