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Politics for the future

Regional elections 2021 - Volt Hauts-de-France

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Our programme

Here we go!

Tiny team, big ambition: Participating in the upcoming regional elections. How do we want to do this? Keep reading…

Project before personalities

We believe politics should be more about priorities: what needs to be done rather than who is doing it. Because if we turn politics into a personality show, we should not complain if we end up with personalities rather than sound politics.

For us, the project and the programme to implement must come before personalities.To find out more about our idea, continue reading on the project page (the round blue button).

Proposals across party divides

Just as we are using four different colors, we believe good policies know no political boundaries. Rather than being stuck in ideological corners, we prefer making proposals, that are objective and based on scientific facts no matter which political camp they "belong" to.

For us, the Hauts-de-France region needs a to find short-term answers to Covid and long-term solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. At the same time, we need to ensure conditions that create opportunities for everyone while also ensuring no one is left behind.

Our 32 proposals are a beginning towards this idea. You can read more about them on our programme page (the green round button) and on the separate page for each proposal containing rationale, specific measures and estimated cost of implementation.

A citizen list rather than citizens completing a list

We believe that a different kind of politics is possible - politics that encourages citizen participation rather demotivating citizens by organising councils, asking for proposals and then swiping them under the rug. We believe there are capable citizens invested in certain topics and we would like to provide the platform for them to try and implement them.

So while political parties are becoming citizen movements during an election, we will do the opposite and try to assemble a citizen list under the umbrella of our political party.

More information and our list of current candidates can be found on our candidate page (the round yellow button).

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