Donation Policy

At Volt we are committed to transparency and high ethical standards in the handling of donations.

  1. When reference is made to donations, this refers to funds, services or gifts of any kind. The donation policies of Member Associations shall include all elements of the Volt France donation policy.
  2. Volt France will only accept donations from donors that do not contradict or threaten the aims, values, policies or ethics of Volt France. This must be decided by the Treasurer, and may be delegated.
  3. Volt France reserves the right to refuse any donation, explaining the reason for the refusal and reimbursing within 20 working days after deduction of the external administration costs related to this transaction.
  4. Volt France shall constantly publish any donation exceeding €3,000 per donation or per donor over one year, within 20 days of receipt/immediately on the Volt Europe website. Before publishing a donation, Volt Europe will obtain the consent of the donor.
  5. If the donor disagrees with point 4 of this article, the amount exceeding 3000€ will be transferred back to the donor's bank account, deducting the administration costs related to this transaction.
  6. If, at a later stage, Volt France becomes aware that donors are engaged in activities that contradict or jeopardise the purpose and ethos of Volt France, Volt France retains the right to return the donation and to remove the donor from Volt France's donor list.
  7. If the donor wishes to add a statement and link to the Volt France donor list and Volt France agrees, the statement and link may be published on the Volt France website and in other communications.


Thank you to all our donors, even for the smallest donations! Thanks also to those who have decided to donate more than €3000 and who will therefore be named here, in accordance with rule 8 of our donation policy: