Financial transparency


Volt believes that transparency is the foundation of trust in politics. That is why Volt is trying to set an example in this area.

Donation policy


In addition to the law on the financial transparency of political life, Volt France is also voluntarily committed to the following transparency guidelines :

  1. If Volt France refers to donations, these include funds, services or gifts of any kind.
  2. Volt France voluntarily undertakes to accept only donations from donors that are not in conflict with Volt's objectives and values.
  3. Volt France reserves the right to refuse a donation without justification and to reimburse the donation, less any transaction costs.
  4. Volt France will publish any donation exceeding €3,000 per donation or per donor in a year on this page. Before publishing a donation, Volt France will obtain the consent of the donor.
  5. If the donor disagrees with point 4, the amount in excess of €3,000 will be refunded, less any transaction fees.
  6. If Volt France becomes aware that a donor is engaging in activities that contradict or undermine Volt's objectives or values, Volt France reserves the right to refund the donation and remove the donor from the list of donors.
  7. If the donor wishes to add a statement and/or link and Volt France agrees, the statement and link may be published on the Volt France website and in other communications.

Donations of more than 3000 €


Volt France would like to thank all its donors - no matter the contribution, they add to the foundation and growth of our movement. Volt France would particularly like to thank all donors of more than €3,000 who support our approach to transparency and have agreed to have their donation published.


Emmanuel and Jenny Davis-Peccoud
€ 5.000,-