Volt enters the Bulgarian Parliament

> Volt Europa entered the Bulgarian Parliament in the last parliamentary elections as part of an anti-corruption electoral coalition.
> Nastimir Ananiev, candidate of Volt said "An important sign against corruption and for more social justice in a European Bulgaria."

Paris, 16th of Novembre 2021 - According to the preliminary results of the last parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, Volt and its coalition won 25% of the votes and one seat in parliament. Volt becomes the first party to be represented in two national parliaments!

The new Member of Parliament Nastimir Ananiev is delighted with this result: "With this election result, Bulgarians are sending an important signal against corruption and for more social justice. I will actively work to ensure that the European perspective is heard in the Bulgarian Parliament and that EU funds go where they are most needed, on the ground, with the citizens.

Shortly after Bulgarians went to the polls for the third time in a year, a political shift emerged: political newcomers Kiril Petkov and Assen Vasilev are prioritising the fight against widespread corruption and want to strengthen the country's economic development.

Proletina Girova, member of Volt Bulgaria said: "The result makes me optimistic. By combining progressive ideas with a pragmatic political style, we can stimulate investment and create wealth.

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About Volt

Volt France is the French branch of the pan-European political movement Volt Europa, founded in March 2017 and present in all EU countries. In 2019, Volt won over half a million votes across the continent in the European elections and won its first seat in the European Parliament. In 2021, Volt won three seats in the Dutch parliament as well as numerous local seats in Italy, Germany and Bulgaria. Volt wants to tackle pressing issues such as the climate emergency, social inequalities and economic crises through a more democratic and unified Europe.

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