Volt France elects european co-presidency

> Volt France members have elected two new European co-presidents 

> Volt France prepares to participate in the 2022 French legislative elections

Strasbourg, 13th of September 2021

Volt France, the French branch of the pro-European and progressive movement Volt Europa, elected its new board this weekend at its General Assembly in Strasbourg. With Fabiola Conti (Franco-Italian) and Sven Franck (German) elected as co-presidents of the board, Volt France is probably the first political party in France to be led by two Europeans born outside France.

Under the leadership of their new board, the movement will focus on developing its national programme and preparing for the 2022 parliamentary elections. In doing so, the party will benefit from Volt Europa's joint European programme, as well as the experience of Volt's teams in the Netherlands and Germany - one with three seats in the Tweede Kamer (the Dutch national assembly), the other currently engaged in the federal elections. Through its ambition for a more federal Europe, cross-border collaboration to tackle major challenges and the application of best practice from other countries without ideological barriers, Volt France offers a progressive alternative to voters who no longer feel represented by the spectrum of political parties and the division between left and right.

« We are very pleased to have gained the confidence of our members to implement our vision of a France that paves the way for a closer Europe and a federal European Union. » declared Sven Franck, co-president of Volt France. « As we prepare for the parliamentary elections with the cooperation of other Volt national teams, we see that our challenges are common. Only by working together at European level can we find answers to the challenges we face. The climate emergency, the economic and social crisis and the democratic obstacles can only be solved on a larger scale by joining forces. At a time when parties are increasingly turning to nationalism and questioning our European values, Volt France wants to offer an alternative. A future rooted in pan-European cooperation. »

Fabiola Conti, co-president, continues : « Our "DNA" is composed of four colours: green represents ecology, red solidarity, yellow citizen participation and blue sustainable economy. We are pragmatic: good ideas exist everywhere - in France and abroad, on the left and the right. We want to be the party that proposes these ideas and ignores ideology. When today's politics alienates citizens instead of providing answers, we want to show that citizen participation is essential, that politics should be attractive and colourful and that it is not about politics, but about our future. » 


Sven Franck - Co-President, Volt France
Mail : sven.franck@volteuropa.org

Fabiola Conti - Co-President, Volt France
Mail : fabiola.conti@volteuropa.org

Contact Presse

Eric Galéra - Responsible Press, Volt France
Mail : eric.galera@volteuropa.org

About Volt

Volt France is the French chapter of the pan-European political movement Volt Europa, founded in March 2017 and present in all EU countries. In 2019, it garnered over half a million votes across the continent in the European elections and won its first seat in the European Parliament. Since then, its candidates have been elected to various municipal bodies in several countries. Volt wants to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, social inequality and economic crises through a more democratic and unified Europe.

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