Volt France calls on parties to form a coalition to address ecological, social and European challenges

Volt France calls on parties to form a coalition to address ecological, social and European challenges

Jun 20, 2022, 1:17:49 PM UTC
Without an absolute majority, it is necessary to gather around a project built in common, which responds to the concerns of the population

> No project having obtained an absolute majority, it is necessary to gather around a project built in common, which answers the concerns of the French people

> Coalitions rule everywhere in Europe: France should be no exception

> Volt continues to fight at European, national and local level for a truly progressive, green and European future.

20th of June, 2022

The results of this second round are unequivocal: neither the NUPES nor the Ensemble! project convinced enough voters to obtain an absolute majority and the Republican Front failed to deliver on its historic promise, allowing the far right to win a record number of seats, from 8 to 89.

Only a coalition and real collaboration between the parties, as seen in Germany, the Netherlands or Spain, can concretely enable France to move forward.

We are experiencing an unprecedented democratic crisis: the abstention rate is once again over 50%, a true reflection of the alienation of citizens from politics. This has direct consequences on the representation of women, young people or poor people: the representation of women is down by two points compared to the previous legislature. It is necessary to reflect on the measures we need to put in place to overcome this democratic deficit: proportional representation, single ballot, vouchers for democratic equality, we have the ideas and the means to improve the participation of citizens in the political debate: it is time for action. 

This election also marks a new stage in the history of the Fifth Republic: the diversity of forces present in the National Assembly now requires the President of the Republic to govern with the deputies, rather than alone. It is therefore an opportunity to make our system evolve in this direction and to negotiate a real government pact to get out of the culture of anathema and exclusion, and to put an end to presidentialism by taking into account the pluralism of ideas expressed by the population.

Fabiola Conti, co-president of Volt France: “The far right with 89 seats proves that the polarisation of the debate and the normalisation of the dialogue of hate is expanding the presence of the RN in the assembly: we cannot stress enough that we must learn to work together, because the politics of division is not the answer.”

The next five years will be decisive for the French people, and that is why we call on the political forces to work around a common ambitious, ecological, social and European project.

Sven Franck co-president of Volt France: "These elections were marked by an unprecedented abstention rate and record temperatures, underlining the two priorities of the new government: we need to address the most pressing issues and quickly propose solutions to climate change and to our democracy, which is in great need of renewal."

It is also the policy of the last five years that is being called into question. Purchasing power, health, energy, climate: the French people have voted for a profoundly social project that must be at the heart of the government's action. The stakes are too high: we call on the political forces to work together to provide concrete solutions to climate change, social distress and the democratic crisis, both through transparent national cooperation and through cross-border European cooperation.

Volt France will continue to work for a more representative democracy and more political pluralism and to work on the ground to build a real progressive, ecological and European alternative.


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