To the Municipals !

> Volt France is preparing for the municipal elections in Paris, Lille and Le Chesnay
> Our main objectives are to gain visibility and experience

Paris, Lille, Le Chesnay, 15th of October, 2019

The new Volt France board has taken over from the previous team and has started preparing for the upcoming elections. The teams are working at local, regional and national level with the aim of participating in the Municipalities in order to gain valuable experience and visibility to grow the local teams.

In Paris, the local team plans to present a list in at least one arrondissement. The 9th arrondissement has been chosen as the first target district.

Véronique Aubin, leader of the Paris team: "Our campaign is centred on the human factor. Parisians need to be listened to and respected, their daily needs taken into consideration. This is why we are developing very concrete solutions with them, far from the great theories, to make Paris a city where it is good to live, including in the terrible climate change we are experiencing. To give you an example, we have noticed that many of the important changes to be implemented in the fight against global warming and its consequences in Paris depend on condominiums: replacement of windows for better insulation, connection to the urban heating network, which is more economical and emits less greenhouse gases, solutions for cooling buildings in the face of heat waves, and equipping private car parks with recharging points for electric vehicles. The Paris City Council must send referents to the co-owners' general meetings to propose sustainable solutions and coordinate negotiations with contractors in order to help co-owners carry out these changes at the best cost thanks to the volume effect."

In Lille, the Volt team is part of the "Lille Verte2020 with Stéphane Baly" - an alliance of EELV, Génération.s, Génération Écologie, Diem25 and Volt with a common programme based on ecology, solidarity and citizen participation. Volt will like to carry the voice of the European and international population to show why Lille should be a European flagship city.

Sven Franck, leader of the Lille team: "One of the main ideas of Volt is to allow citizens to participate more in politics. We have created our own programme based on citizen consultations and participation projects. Finally, we found that we have a lot in common with the other movements in LilleVerte2020. We are delighted to have this opportunity to learn from a like-minded team and we hope to make the small difference that finally helps us win the mayor's office with a project that is worthy of our time."

About Volt

Volt is a European movement, born after the Brexit vote, which is now present throughout Europe, with official political parties established in 15 countries. All countries share the same values and the same goal of creating a different way of doing politics, giving everyone a voice and working across borders on a progressive project for more participatory democracy, more ecology to combat climate change and more solidarity between European countries as well as within each country.

About Volt France

Volt France is the French arm of Volt Europe, organised as an association under the French law of 1901. Although the team is still small and did not participate in the European elections, Volt France is steadily developing and organising itself in order to be able to bring its French and European perspective to the French political debate.


Communication Volt France

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