Volt Elects New Leadership and Sets Strategy to Win 25 Seats in 2024 European Election

Volt Elects New Leadership and Sets Strategy to Win 25 Seats in 2024 European Election

Oct 18, 2021
Volt France - Le nouveau bureau de Volt Europa

> Italian Francesca Romana D’Antuono elected Volt Europa’s female co-President alongside Dutch incumbent Reinier van Lanschot

> Volt Europa also elects new treasurer, board members and conflict resolution body at General Assembly in Lisbon

> Cypriot party Neo Kyma announces to join Volt, as does Portuguese MEP Francisco Guerreiro

Lisbon, 18th of October 2021 - Volt elected a new leadership, which will focus on professionalising and diversifying the pan-European party in order to achieve the goal of forming its own political group in the European Parliament by 2024.

Francesca Romana D'Antuono from Volt Italia and Reinier van Lanschot from Volt Nederland were elected as co-Presidents by more than 1,000 Volt members attending the party’s General Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal, and online over the weekend.

Johannes Heinrich from Volt Switzerland was elected as treasurer. Anouk Ooms from Volt the Netherlands, Thor Larholm from Volt Denmark, Lucia Nass from Volt France, Lucas Amorelli Ribeiro Kornexl from Volt Austria, Ines Consonni from Volt Italy and Charles Evain from Volt France were elected non-executive board members. All of them were elected for a two-year term.

Volt was founded in 2017 as a response to the rise of populism and the far-right and it has since grown to more than 18,000 members across 28 European countries. The party has won seats in the European Parliament, in the Dutch national assembly and in local councils in Portugal, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria. The new political leadership sets a clear goal of winning 25 parliamentary seats from at least seven countries in the 2024 European elections to, eventually, help build a federal European Republic.

“Thank you for putting your trust in me. We’re going to have an amazing couple of years ahead of us”, Francesca Romana D'Antuono told members. “I ask you to challenge me every time you can.”

“In the coming two years, we are going to build on what we have, grow and make sure the European Parliamentary elections in 2024 will be a massive success”, added Reinier van Lanschot.

Cooperation with Neo Kyma

Volt announced an alliance with the Cypriot party Neo Kyma. Volt will support Neo Kyma during the Cypriot presidential election in 2023 while Neo Kyma will officially become Volt Cyprus  and run in the 2024 European elections. “Both Volt and Neo Kyma believe in citizen participation and are actively working on creating a more sustainable, modern and digital life in Europe”, commented Reinier van Lanschot, co-president of Volt Europa . “We are excited to collaborate for upcoming elections.”

Portuguese MEP to join Volt

Francisco Guerreiro, member of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, announced during the assembly that he will join Volt Portugal at the end of his current mandate.


Sven Franck - Co-Président, Volt France
Mail : sven.franck@volteuropa.org

Fabiola Conti - Co-Présidente, Volt France
Mail : fabiola.conti@volteuropa.org

Contact Presse

Eric Galéra - Responsable Relations Médias et Presse, Volt France
Mail : eric.galera@volteuropa.org

À propos de Volt

Volt France est le chapitre français du mouvement politique paneuropéen Volt Europa, fondé en mars 2017 et présent dans tous les pays de l'UE. En 2019, il a récolté plus d'un demi-million de voix sur le continent aux élections européennes et a remporté son premier siège au Parlement européen. Depuis lors, ses candidats ont été élus dans divers organes municipaux de plusieurs pays. Volt souhaite s'attaquer à des problèmes urgents tels que le changement climatique, les inégalités sociales et les crises économiques à travers une Europe plus démocratique et unifiée.

Plus d’information sur https://www.voltfrance.org