Marseille shootings: what if Europe was part of the solution?

Marseille shootings: what if Europe was part of the solution?

May 29, 2023, 11:02:50 AM UTC
21 deaths. This is the grim toll of the shootings that have taken place in Marseille since the start of the year.

Marseille, 27th Mai 202321 deaths. This is the grim toll of the shootings that have taken place in Marseille since the start of the year. First and foremost, we are deeply saddened by the loss of these lives, we are thinking of their children and we wish to pay tribute to all the victims of trafficking and organised crime..

Contemporary problems know no borders

At Volt Europa we believe that our contemporary problems know no borders. This is true when it comes to the climate, Covid, growing inequalities and migratory crises, and it is obviously also true when it comes to trafficking and organised crime. The networks that strike in Marseille organise their logistical chains partly in our Spanish and Italian neighbours and develop their ramifications internationally.

In this context, what chance do promises of "all-out war" against traffickers or calls for the army to intervene in Marseille's neighbourhoods have of leading to a real de-escalation of the violence? While cracking down on traffickers is imperative, it cannot be confined to the local level, as this would run the risk of hitting only the "small hands". If we are to get to the root of the problem, the fight against trafficking must target the multinationals involved in crime, and to do that we must be backed by a strong political will for European and international cooperation. We will not be able to defeat these organisations without a concerted approach at European level, as Europol demonstrated last November when it organised an international operation that led to the arrest of 44 suspected members of a criminal network considered to be one of the most dangerous in the European Union.

Making Europol a genuine police force for cross-border crime 

At Volt Europa, we want to strengthen Europol to make it a genuine European police force for cross-border crime, focusing on the fight against organised crime, money laundering, human trafficking and corruption. Like the American FBI, Europol's regional offices should have executive autonomy to act directly on the territory of the Member States.

Building a social and societal response

Volt Europa also takes an integrated approach to solving the problem of trafficking: the solution lies in an approach that combines police and criminal law enforcement with broader societal measures.

With regard to drug trafficking, Volt defends in particular :

  • Local support for community policing brigades to repair the link between the police and local residents, as Quebec and Belgium have been doing for several years. Recent experiments in France, in Angoulême and Soyaux for example, are encouraging and should lead us to encourage and develop this approach.
  • Controlled legalisation of cannabis, as practised in Quebec and Switzerland and about to be introduced in Germany, in coordination with our European neighbours (a necessity in view of the Schengen agreements), with the aim of reducing the markets for traffickers. This legalisation would go hand in hand with a ban on advertising and the reinvestment of tax resources in preventing the risks associated with drug use.

There are examples of good practice both in Europe (Portugal, Switzerland) and in North America (Canada, Colorado), so what are we waiting for?


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