Résultats exceptionnels pour la première participation de Volt aux législatives en France

Résultats exceptionnels pour la première participation de Volt aux législatives en France

Jun 13, 2022, 12:06:17 PM UTC
Volt, s’est présenté pour la première fois aux législatives françaises dans dix-sept circonscriptions, donc cinq des Françaises et Français de l’ét...
Membres de Volt

> Volt presented 17 candidates for the elections, including 5 in the constituencies of French citizens abroad.

> The results obtained are very encouraging for a first participation

> Volt will not give any voting recommendations for the second round, except in the case of a confrontation with the extreme right.

Paris, June 13th 2022. 

Volt, ran for the first time in the French legislative elections in seventeen constituencies, including five of the French abroad, with very encouraging results.

"We are extremely satisfied with our candidacies, both in metropolitan France and abroad, and with what our teams have achieved. This is a historic result, which gives us credibility and allows us to have a voice in the French political landscape." Fabiola Conti, Co-President of Volt France.

"Volt intends to put Europe back on the map as a necessity of the French democratic debate and is committed to a truly impactful ecology, a society that is truly inclusive for all and also to cross-border cultural and economic cooperation." Sven Franck, Co-President of Volt France.

We advocate for a new way of doing politics, beyond the divisions and we do not want to choose what is most important for the citizens. We believe that our members and voters can choose their own priorities from among our struggles and make the choice that suits them best. This is why we have decided not to give any voting recommendations for the second round, except in the case of a confrontation with the extreme right.

Our project is ambitious: we are progressive, ecological and European. A meaningful project must be able to respond to social justice and the environmental crisis by relying on European cooperation and can only be established through dialogue and agreement between the different programmes proposed rather than through constant opposition, something that no other party is proposing at the moment.

We therefore leave it to our members and voters to decide for themselves which candidates best correspond to the values we hold dear, with the aim of having a National Assembly that can be a force for proposals on Europe, the climate and equal rights and opportunities.

Our results in detail :

13 - Bouches-du-Rhône

Volt France - Anne Chamayou et Alexandre Bisquerra


for the 5th constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône

with Anne Chamayou an Alexandre Bisquerra

35 - Ille-et-Vilaine

Volt France - Stéphane Péan et Armelle Maguer


for the 7th constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine

with Stéphane Péan and Armelle Maguer

44 - Loire-Atlantique

Volt France - Christine Lambart et Adrien Copros


for the 2nd constituency of Loire Atlantique

with Christine Lambart and Adrien Copros

59 - Nord

Volt France - Claire Desbois et Nicolas Rocca


for the 4th constituency of the North

with Claire Desbois and Nicolas Rocca

Volt France - Thibault Pathias et Pauline Descroix


for the 9th cinstituency of the North

with Eric Galera and Kenza Mounsi (PRG).

64 - Pyrénées-Atlantique

Volt France - Thibault Pathias et Pauline Descroix


for the 5th constituency of Pyrénées-Atlantiques

with Thibault Pathias and Pauline Descroix.

67 - Bas-Rhin

Volt France - Frédéric Seigle-Murandi et Caroline Rey


for the first constituency of Bas-Rhin

with Frédéric Seigle-Murandi and Caroline Rey

68 - Haut-Rhin

Volt France - David Dolui et Mailys Viallie


for the 5th constituency of Haut-Rhin

with David Dolui and Maïlys Vaillie.

69 - Rhône

Volt France - Laura Winkelmuller et Emilien Oumehdi


for the 6th consituency of Rhône

with Laura Winkelmuller and Emilien Oumehdi

75 - Paris

Volt France - Elise Magne et Maxime Touillet-Orsini


for the 2nd constituency of Paris

with Elise Magne and Maxime Touillet-Orsini

Volt France - Johannes Leininger et Fabiola Conti


for the 18th constituency of Paris

with Johannes Leininger and Fabiola Conti

91 - Essonne

Volt France - Jules Rohault de Fleury et Johanna Dirlewanger-Lücke


for the 6th constituency of Essonne

with Jules Rohault de Fleury and Johanna Dirlewanger-Lücke

99 - French citizens living outside France

Volt France - Aude Cazein & Mathieu Pouletty


for the 3rd constituency abroad

with Aude Cazein and Mathieu Pouletty

Volt France - Legislatives - Candidates 4e Circonscription dehors de la France (Benelux)


for the 4th constituency abroad

with Cédric Deverchere and Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Robin Fontaire & Zoe Gadeyne


for the 5th constituency abroad

with Robin Fontaine and Zoé Gadeyne;

Volt France - Valerie Chartrain et Laurent Romary


for the 7th constituency abroad

with Valérie Chartrain and Laurent Romary

Volt France - Lea Hetz et Thierry Gibert


for the 8th constituency abroad

with Léa Agathe Hertz and Thierry Gibert

About Volt

As the first truly pan-European party, Volt is committed to reforming the European Union and responding to today's challenges in a coordinated way at European level. Volt's vision: a progressive Europe with an inclusive society, a climate-friendly economy, an adaptable education system and self-determined digitalisation.

Volt is convinced that only the democratic participation of all European citizens will prepare us for a sustainable, economically strong and socially just future. This is why Volt acts at all levels - from local to European, as a movement and as a party. The movement gives everyone a voice and the opportunity to engage politically from within society. Today, Volt is present all over Europe: thousands of people of all ages and professions are involved in 30 European countries with teams in hundreds of cities.

For interviews and further information, please contact us at


Robin Fontaine - Non-Executive member of the Board of Volt France

Mail : robin.fontaine@volteuropa.org 

Sven Franck - Co-President of Volt France

Mail : sven.franck@volteuropa.org   

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