Volt se présente dans 17 circonscriptions, en France et l’étranger pour les législatives 2022

Volt se présente dans 17 circonscriptions, en France et l’étranger pour les législatives 2022

May 30, 2022, 2:59:05 PM UTC
Le parti paneuropéen Volt, qui existe dans 30 pays en Europe, se présente pour la première fois aux législatives en France. En France depuis 2018, l'é
Volt France Législatives 2022

> 17 constituencies with parity between incumbents and substitutes.
> 12 in mainland France and 5 in constituencies abroad.
> The progressive and pro-European choice for balancing ecology, economy and social issues is Volt.

May 30, 2022

LThe pan-European party Volt, which exists in 30 countries in Europe, is running for the first time in France. Volt France, whose country chapter was founded in 2018, is presenting 17 pairs of candidates with parity between incumbents and substitutes:

Volt brings together progressive, social democratic policies, a pragmatic approach to ecology and an economy that attempts to balance capital, people and the planet.

Our candidates are committed to active citizen democracy

So that all citizens can actively participate in democratic life, in France and abroad. Valérie Chartrain crosses borders in Germany and Central Europe to defend the rights of French citizens outside France, while in Paris, Elise Magne advocates for a participatory democracy where citizens are at the heart of the process.

Several young people to take on ministers

As a symbol of renewal, Robin Fontaine will face the ex-prime minister Manuel Valls and the outgoing Stéphane Vojetta in Spain with whom he has already debated in Madrid. In Essonne, Jules Rohault de Fleury, 18, will face the nominated minister Amélie de Montchalin.

"With 17 candidates in France and in Europe, Volt intends to put Europe back on the agenda as a necessity of the French democratic debate. We are committed to a truly impactful ecology, a truly inclusive society for all and a European social, ecological, cultural and economic cooperation. Fabiola Conti, Co-President of Volt France.

Candidates outside of France
3rd constituency of French citizens abroadAude CazeinMathieu PoulettyLink
4th constituency of French citizens abroad Cédric DeverchèreAudrey-Flore NgomiskLink
5th constituency of French citizens abroad Robin FontaineZoe GaydeneLink
7th constituency of French citizens abroad Valerie ChartrainLaurent RomaryLink
8th constituency of French citizens abroad Léa Agathe HetzThierry GibertLink
Candidates in France
9th constituency of the NorthEric GaleraKenza Mounsi (PRG)Link
4th constituency of the NorthClaire DeboisNicolas RoccaLink
18th constituency of ParisJohannes LeiningerFabiola ContiLink
2nd constituency of ParisElise MagneMaxime Touillet-OrsiniLink
5th constituency of Bouches-du-RhôneAnne ChamayouAlexandre BisquerraLink
6th constituency of EssonneJules Rohault de FleuryJohanna Dirlewanger-LückeLink
2nd constituency of Loire-AtlantiqueChristine LambartAdrien CoprosLink
3rd constituency of Bas-RhinFrédéric Seigle-MurandiCaroline ReyLink
5th constituency of Haut-RhinDavid DoluiMaïlys VaillieLink
5h constituency of RhôneLaura Winkermuller RealEmilien OumehdiLink
5th constituency of Pyrénées-AtlantiquesThibault PathiasPauline DecroixLink
7th constituency of Ille-et-VilaineStéphane PéanArmelle MaguerLink

About Volt

As the first truly pan-European party, Volt is committed to reforming the European Union and responding to today's challenges in a coordinated way at European level. Volt's vision: a progressive Europe with an inclusive society, a climate-friendly economy, an adaptable education system and self-determined digitalisation.

Volt is convinced that only the democratic participation of all European citizens will prepare us for a sustainable, economically strong and socially just future. This is why Volt acts at all levels - from local to European, as a movement and as a party. The movement gives everyone a voice and the opportunity to engage politically from within society. Today, Volt is present all over Europe: thousands of people of all ages and professions are involved in 30 European countries with teams in hundreds of cities.

For interviews and further information, please contact us at


Robin Fontaine - Non-Executive Member of the Board of Volt France
Mail : robin.fontaine@volteuropa.org

Sven Franck - Co-President of Volt France
Mail : sven.franck@volteuropa.org

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