Volt commits to the prevention of femicides

Volt commits to the prevention of femicides

Jan 9, 2022, 6:22:11 PM UTC
Volt campaigns for women's rights and advocates for a campaign against femicides
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Volt commits to the prevention of femicides 

> Volt campaigns for women's rights
Volt advocates for a campaign against femicides
Volt condemns the 131 femicides in 2021 and 3 more since the beginning of this year 2022

Paris, 10th of January 2022 - Volt speaks out against feminicide in France; 2021 was another black year for many women in France, and 2022 is already starting with more than 3 dramas. 

Volt supports all the bereaved families and we propose that a "Grenelle" be set up quickly to find a solution, taking into account the solutions provided by other European Member States. Spain is one of the best in Europe with a real budget of 200 million euros devoted to this cause. The country has developed a judicial system that is unprecedented in Europe, with victim support offices, free legal and psychological assistance and specialised courts with civil and criminal jurisdiction.

Volt is currently working on strong policy proposals to combat violence against women, including

  • Increase awareness and training on domestic violence for police, gendarmes, teachers and medical staff;
  • Move from coercion-based to consent-based legislation to remove the requirement of physical force for a sexual act to be classified as rape and double the penalties for sexual violence to 15 years;
  • Empower the police to intervene at the first alert or complaint of domestic violence and introduce a life-threatening alarm system on mobile phones;
  • Contribute to the establishment of the national network of Women's Houses, enable rapid and discreet evacuations and ensure that these structures have trained psychological staff to give advice and support.
  • Raise public awareness of femicide and sexual violence and provide educational programmes and funding for public awareness campaigns at national level;
  • Introduce legislation that prohibits convicted sex offenders from running for public offices.

Volt France is committed to all struggles that will be contrary to the freedom of everyone to live as they wish in accordance with the laws of the European Union and the French Republic.

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Volt France is the French chapter of the pan-European political movement Volt Europa, founded in March 2017 and present in all EU countries. In 2019, it garnered over half a million votes across the continent in the European elections and won its first seat in the European Parliament. Since then, its candidates have been elected to various municipal bodies in several countries. Volt wants to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, social inequality and economic crises through a more democratic and unified Europe.