The single ballot - Discussion with Delphine Batho

> Constructive debate with Delphine Batho on feminism in politics and the democratic reforms needed in France to bring the political offer closer to citizens

> Convergence of views on ideas defended by Volt such as the single ballot

Paris, 1st of August 2021

Meeting Delphine Batho

In France, candidates and political parties fully fund the printing and transportation of their ballots. The state then reimburses these costs to candidates who obtain more than 5% of the votes cast.

This system is expensive and not environmentally friendly. Following a meeting between Delphine Batho and Volt France, we agree that the single ballot paper (with a box to be ticked for each candidate) should be introduced today :

  • for greener elections
  • to fight against abstention
  • for equality of candidates
  • for cheaper elections
  • for more democracy

Most of our European neighbours already have a single ballot system. In these countries, candidacies are validated by obtaining a certain number of citizens' signatures to appear on the ballot paper. It therefore seems obvious to us and a major priority to adopt this practice.

We want the single ballot to be introduced for the next elections.

About Volt

Volt France is the French chapter of the pan-European political movement Volt Europa, founded in March 2017 and present in all EU countries. In 2019, it garnered over half a million votes across the continent in the European elections and won its first seat in the European Parliament. Since then, its candidates have been elected to various municipal bodies in several countries. Volt wants to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, social inequality and economic crises through a more democratic and unified Europe.

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