Europe must support the Ukraine

Europe must support the Ukraine

Feb 23, 2022, 7:05:14 AM UTC
The EU must help strengthen Ukrainian institutions and democracy by supporting its civil society
Volt France - Soutien pour l'Ukraine

Europe must support the Ukraine

> The EU should help strengthen Ukrainian institutions and democracy by supporting its civil society

February 22nd, 2022

The recognition of the separatist regions of Eastern Ukraine by the Russian Federation and the subsequent invasion by Russian troops is an irrefutable and unprecedented violation of international law, the 2014 Minsk Protocol, Russia's own international commitments, and a declaration of war against Ukraine.

By pursuing this course of action, the Russian government is not only jeopardising the security and rights of Ukrainian citizens, but also the interests of Russian citizens.

President Putin's characterisation of Ukraine as a "modern construct inextricably linked to Russia" paves the way for a larger-scale invasion of the country. That is why Volt calls on the European Union to respond with unity, force and tough sanctions.

If the Russian Federation does not withdraw its troops, Volt calls on the international community to :

  • sanction Russian banks, companies, military personnel and other individuals linked to the Kremlin, their families and business partners;
  • cease all business transactions with the Russian state, Kremlin-associated individuals and companies;
  • freeze all assets of state-owned enterprises or enterprises and individuals associated with the Kremlin.

The EU must help strengthen Ukrainian institutions and democracy by supporting its civil society. In addition, we call for the European Asylum Agency to coordinate the response of Member States and the distribution of refugees.

The Russian actions are a clear signal that Europe must be able to act in unity and defend itself in order to maintain its independence. This requires European armed forces. Furthermore, Volt advocates a new supranational cyber division, aiming to increase Europe's resilience to cyber and military threats while avoiding violence.

Ukraine has been under constant threat from the Russian Federation since 2014. It seems that the annexation of Crimea, the siege of eastern Ukraine and the constant propaganda war were all a prelude to what is to come.

The sovereignty of Ukraine is non-negotiable and we will always stand by our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

More information on our long term proposals in this conflict.

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