A party and grassroots movement in one. That's Volt!

Festival de Soup à Lille
Volt at the Festival of Soup in Lille

We want to make things happen. Change how things are done. As a party in political bodies and as a movement that is active outside of election periods and recognises the challenges and addresses them collaboratively working across borders.

We have launched many of the following projects and initiatives ourselves and support the others with all our energy.

Vote sans frontières

Vote sans frontières

Our project to help EU citizens in France get registered to vote in French elections as well as in elections at home.

Overcoming administrative and language barrieres in France as well as at home to vote means our initiative will increase participation of the electorate that benefits the most from the freedoms granted by the European Union and is usually very pro-European.

Projet - Eurotrain

Our ECI (European Citizens' Initiative) "EuroTrain" proposes the introduction of a single European rail network.

The focus is on increasing the number of high-speed lines and night trains, as well as on a unified technical and ticketing system, supported by the use of cohesion funds. In this way, we will strive to make rail travel in Europe easier, faster and smarter, and thus more competitive with air and road transport.

Europe Welcomes

We need strong voices across Europe so that national governments and the EU can no longer ignore the demands of European citizens.

#Europewelcomes is a project that showcases municipalities across Europe that have committed to showing solidarity and welcoming refugees rescued at sea and in overcrowded refugee camps.

Europe Cares

Let's show that #EuropeCares!

Our initiative aims to show that people across Europe care about the hardship of refugees in Europe and at its borders. Help us raise awareness and take concrete action.

Logo Voters Without Borders

Volt is a partner of the ICE Voters without Borders - another European Citizens' Initiative, which wants to put universal voting rights on the European agenda.

While we travel and live freely across Europe, our electoral systems remain nationalistic and European citizens often find themselves without the right to vote or stand for election in their countries of residence. The ECI seeks to address this issue.