Election Programmes

French Mapping of Policies

(version 0.1 - 30.11.2022)

The mapping of policies represents our long-term political vision for France. It is a collection of ideas and positions that will be used as a inspiration for our electoral programmes which in turn will focus on specific policies and go more into detail. The Mapping of Policies is a living document written and maintained by our members that will be updated in a six month cycle

I. Europe - the next 50 years

Volt France - Vision pour l'Europe - Federalism


Advance towards a federal european republic

Volt France - Vision pour l'Europe - Politiques Européennes

European politics

Delegate competences based on the principles of subsidiarity

II. Government : a smart state at the service of a caring society

Volt France - Gouvernment - République numérique

A digital republic

based on european solutions

Volt France - Gouvernment - État

The state

make our public administration more agile

Volt France - Gouvernment - Santé et bien-être

Health and wellbeing

let's leave Covid behind.

Volt France - Gouvernment - Sécurité


preserving peace and living together

III. Equality : taking each and everyone into account

Volt France - Égalité - Migrations


treat the exiles as we would like to be treated

Volt France - Égalité - Violences


towards a more civilised society

Volt France - Égalité - Éducation


forming citizens in their diversity

Volt France - Égalité - Solidarité


breaking with indifference

Volt France - Égalité - Égalité des genres

Gender equality

equality, liberty, adelphity?

Volt France - Égalité - Droits des personnes handicapées

Rights of the disabled

let's radically change the model

Volt France - Égalité - Logements


create living spaces rather than real estate assets

IV. Economy : humanity, planet and capital at the same level

Volt France - Économie - Durabilité


produce without wasting

Volt France - Économie - Competitivité


The state as referee of the market

Volt France - Économie - Intelligence Artificielle

Artificial intelligence

avoiding a digital dystopia

Volt France - Économie - Énergie


reduce our consumption and diversify our sources

Volt France - Économie - Transport


more performance for greater sobriety

V. Climat and environnement : Building our future

Volt France - Climat et environnement - Dérèglement climatique

Climate crisis

do everything possible to mitigate, adapt now

Volt France - Climat et environnement - Agriculture


diversify our production to better respect the environment

Volt France - Climat et environnement - Environnement


can we live on a dead planet?

Volt France - Climat et environnement - Droits des animaux

Animal rights

the show must not go on

VI. Democracy : Creating a system worthy of its name

Volt France - Démocratie - Élections


making citizens want to vote

Volt France - Démocratie - Participation


bringing citizens and politics together

Volt France - Démocratie - Citoyennété


planting the seeds of democracy

European Mapping of Policies

The Mapping of Policies of Volt Europa is a living document that defines our common values and goals across Europe.

(latest version on the site of Volt Europa)