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Volt France - SOTEU 2022

SOTEU: On fighting fires instead of preventing them

Sep 18, 2022
No EU initiative in Ukraine, little effort to tackle climate change and no one is watching a SOTEU at 9am
Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - Meet & Greet Volt Marseille

Volt Newsletter - July and August 2022

Sep 1, 2022
Learn more about summer days, upcoming elections and our national and european general assemblies
Volt France - Droit de vote des étrangers

Foreigners' right to vote: why not universal suffrage?

Aug 17, 2022
Our democracy needs to be more representativeness. We need the votes of European and non-European citizens living in France.

Europe is burning

Aug 1, 2022
The planet is getting warmer, and too little is being done to prevent the worst. For Volt, we need stronger links between member states
Volt France - Tribune - Pouvoir d'achat

Purchase power: Doubling down on fossil fuels?

Jul 20, 2022
We are wasting money on preserving the status quo of fossil fuels instead of investing in a sustainable future.
Volt France - Tribune - La bande-annonce pour le prochain quinquennat ?

Opinion : a trailer for the next five years?

Jul 7, 2022
For her first speech in the National Assembly, Elisabeth Borne presented an uninspired programme for the next five years.
Volt France - Pride in Bruxelles

Bulletin juin 2022

Jul 4, 2022
Summer days, recap legislatives and our LGBTIQA+ group

Volt France calls on parties to form a coalition to address ecological, social and European challenges

Jun 20, 2022
Without an absolute majority, it is necessary to gather around a project built in common, which responds to the concerns of the population
Volt France - Lettre ouverte Schengen (photo par

Open letter on the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area

Jun 14, 2022
Volt France and Volt Romania propose to President Macron to promote Schengen access for Romania and Bulgaria, pending since 2015.
Membres de Volt

Résultats exceptionnels pour la première participation de Volt aux législatives en France

Jun 13, 2022
Volt, s’est présenté pour la première fois aux législatives françaises dans dix-sept circonscriptions, donc cinq des Françaises et Français de l’ét...
Volt France Législatives 2022

Volt se présente dans 17 circonscriptions, en France et l’étranger pour les législatives 2022

May 30, 2022
Le parti paneuropéen Volt, qui existe dans 30 pays en Europe, se présente pour la première fois aux législatives en France. En France depuis 2018, l'é
Volt France - drapeau d'Europe

A pro-European France, between social rights, environment and economy, is possible

May 3, 2022
Volt France denounces the proposal of the New People's Union for Ecology and Society (NUPES) to voluntarily disobey EU rules, especially as their ambi
Volt France - Candidat.e.s aux législatives

Newsletter April 2022

May 2, 2022
The presidential elections, Volt's participation in the legislative elections and our upcoming Volt values project.
Volt France - Présidentielles

Presidential elections 2022: On the road to the legislative elections

Apr 25, 2022
Volt is running for the first time in the parliamentary elections to represent its values of European integration, ecology and inclusiveness
Volt France - Elections

Volt calls to vote against the extreme right and for Emmanuel Macron in the 2nd tour of the presidential elections

Apr 10, 2022
Volt France calls for a vote for Emmanuel Macron, because the far right must not triumph in the heart of Europe
Volt France - Volt n’apporte de soutien à aucune candidature spécifique à l’élection présidentielle

Volt does not endorse any specific presidential candidate

Apr 7, 2022
Volt has decided not to endorse a specific candidate in the first round of the presidential election on April 10, 2022

Newsletter March 2022

Mar 30, 2022

Portuguese living in France: last days to vote!

Mar 10, 2022
Volt France - Lille - Soutien Ukraine

Newsletter February 2022

Mar 2, 2022
Legislative elections, fundraising and support for Ukraine
Volt France - Soutien pour l'Ukraine

Europe must support the Ukraine

Feb 23, 2022
The EU must help strengthen Ukrainian institutions and democracy by supporting its civil society
Volt France - Politique cohérente à la frontière ukrainienne

For a coordinated response on the border of Ukraine

Feb 4, 2022
Volt is calling on the EU and its leaders to urgently respond to the situation at the Ukrainian border through a coherent EU-Russia policy
Volt France - Legislatives - Candidates

Newsletter January 2022

Jan 31, 2022
Legislative elections, Olympic Games and the goal of the Presidency (in Cyprus)
Volt France - Parlement Européen

Leading or playing the game? Macron's plans for the French EU Council presidency

Jan 19, 2022
President Macron has announced EU structural reforms for the EU Council Presidency which, given the shortness of the mandate, should remain symbolic
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Volt France presents its wishes to the press

Jan 10, 2022
Volt France presents its wishes for 2022 to the press
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Volt commits to the prevention of femicides

Jan 9, 2022
Volt campaigns for women's rights and advocates for a campaign against femicides
Volt France - Livre blanc - L'élan européen

White Paper: The European Momentum

Dec 15, 2021
27 Concessions to legitimize Europe for the French presidency of the Council of the European Union
Volt France - Tribune - Les travailleurs handicapés

Opinion : For a European social model for disabled workers

Nov 26, 2021
Ce lundi s’est terminée la 25ème édition de la Semaine Européenne pour l’Emploi des Personnes Handicapées (SEEPH). Avec plus de 80 millions ...

Volt enters the Bulgarian Parliament

Nov 16, 2021
Volt s’engage pour l’égalité des minorités sexuelles et les droits LGBTQIA+

Volt is committed to sexual minority equality and LGBTQIA+ rights

Oct 29, 2021
Volt France - Le nouveau bureau de Volt Europa

Volt Elects New Leadership and Sets Strategy to Win 25 Seats in 2024 European Election

Oct 18, 2021
Volt France - Tribune - La Jeunesse européenne

Opinion: Giving young people a voice!

Oct 6, 2021
Tribune - Cofe - Robin Fontaine

Opinion : Systematic integration of climate crisis policies into foreign and development policies

Sep 22, 2021
AUKUS - Château de cartes des relations étrangères ?

AUKUS - House of cards of foreign relations ?

Sep 18, 2021
SOTEU 2021 : l'État d’une Union européenne encore en construction

SOTEU 2021: Europe still under construction

Sep 15, 2021
Opinion : L'UE contre les nations

Opinion: EU against Nations

Sep 14, 2021
volt france co presidents

Volt France elects european co-presidency

Sep 13, 2021

Michel Barnier, a convinced European?

Sep 10, 2021

Press kit (french only)

Volt France - Dossier de Presse - Cover

Press archive (2021-2019)

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Press Release : Volt enters the Bulgarian Parliament


Volt Europa entered the Bulgarian Parliament in the last parliamentary elections as part of an anti-corruption electoral coalition. Read more...

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Position: Volt is committed to sexual minority equality and LGBTQIA+ rights


Volt applauds the passage of legislation ending gender and sexuality conversion therapy and advocates for the advancement of LGBTQIA+ rights. Read more ...

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Feature: Sauvons l'Europe - What is Volt?


Portrait of Volt Europa presented by Sauvons L'Europe. Read more: a look behind the scenes of a pan-European movement. Read more...

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Press Release: Volt Europa Elects New Leadership


Italian Francesca Romana D’Antuono elected Volt Europa’s female co-President alongside Dutch incumbent Reinier van Lanschot. Cypriot party Neo Kyma announces to join Volt, as does Portuguese MEP Francisco Guerreiro. Read more...

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On 15 September, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced the creation of Aukus to strengthen their cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. Read more...

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Position: SOTEU - Europe still under construction


The President of the European Commission yesterday gave her second State of the European Union adress - a speech with mostly symbolic value. Read more ...

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Press Release: Volt France elects european co-presidency


Volt France members have elected two new European co-presidents that now will prepare the national programme and participation in the upcoming legislative elections. Read more...

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Position: Michel Barnier, a convinced European?


Volt France deplores the fact that Mr Barnier is turning his back on the European values he has always defended. Read more ...

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Press Release: Volt France Summer School 2021 - Agenda


The Summer School will take place on the 11th and 12th September in Strasbourg. Volt France campaign one day with the regional chapter of Volt Germany. Read more...

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Press Release: Volt France Summer School 2021 - Board elections


The Summer School will take place on the 11th and 12th September in Strasbourg. Volt France will elect a new board and decide on the strategy for the legislative elections. Read more...

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Press Release: Volt France Summer School 2021


The Summer School will take place on the 11th and 12th September in Strasbourg. The General Assembly will take place on Saturday 11 September. Read more...

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Opinion: The single ballot - Discussion with Delphine Batho


Constructive debate with Delphine Batho on feminism in politics and the democratic reforms needed in France to bring the political offer closer to citizens. Read more...

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Press Release: Indictment of Eric Dupont-Moretti


Volt France unreservedly condemns the questioning of the impartiality of the judiciary in the context of the investigation of Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti. We reiterate our commitment to the independence of the judiciary and the prevention of conflicts of interest which are essential values for democracy. Read more...

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The Future of Europe Conference website automatically translates the content into all European languages. However, the translations are incomprehensible. Read more...

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Press Release: Volt committed to regional languages


After the partial censure of the Molac law, Volt France calls on the government to act to ensure the protection of immersion teaching and the authorisation of diacritical signs for regional languages. Read more...

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Press Release: EuropeCares becomes an Independent Humanitarian Organisation


The EuropeCares Organisation will focus on raising humanitarian aid and awareness of societal issues. Volt is committed to a future of greater social innovation and effective policy change. Read more…

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Press Release : Volt France in the regional and departemental elections


The pan-European Volt movement marks a major step in its national establishment and participates in departmental and regional elections in many French territories.

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Opinion: Equality for LGBTQIA+


While the phenomenon of "conversion therapies" imported from the United States is growing in France and Europe, it is still not prohibited by French law. A bill was tabled on the subject in 2020 but has not yet been put on the agenda. Read more…

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Opinion: Autism - United in (neuro)diversity


In this month of autism acceptance, Volt France wishes to show its support for people with autism in these difficult times when successive waves of confinement and deconfinement are altering essential reference points. Read more…

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Opinion: New mosque in Strasbourg


The construction of the future largest mosque in Europe, in Strasbourg, is causing controversy. While the mayor of Strasbourg and the city council have decided to allocate 2.5 million euros to finance the work, the Minister of the Interior has made his opposition known. Beyond the controversy, here is our position. Read more…

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Opinion: Climate Law - Citizen participation is for naming bridges


The leftovers of the Citizens' Climate Convention will be discussed in the National Assembly in the coming days. It is an exercise to disguise our efforts against climate change, just as citizen participation initiatives seem to be potemkin conventions. Read more…

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Opinion: Advance voting


The recently introduced early voting in the Senate may be a useful tool in the context of a broader electoral reform. Read more…

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Release: Global insecurity


As Minister Gérald Darmanin calls for the blurring of police officers' faces in photos and videos, Volt France simply cannot support the "global security law". Read more…

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Analysis: The reintroduction of neonicotinoids


On 6 October, the French National Assembly voted to pass a law to reintroduce neonicotinoids on the grounds that there was no alternative to protect the French sugar industry from an outbreak of M.Persicae insects threatening the beet crop. Our analysis…

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Release: Back to Business


Tax cuts for innovation? Money for planes and cars for ecology? Skills that create jobs? Volt France's thoughts on the recovery plan. Read more...

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Opinion: Recovery Plan adopted by the European Council


After a few days of negotiations, the heads of state and government of the European Union have adopted a 750 billion euro recovery plan to tackle the Covid 19 crisis, including 390 billion euros in grants and 360 billion euros in joint borrowing. Read more…

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Activites: Volt cooperates with "Voters without Borders"


"Voters without Borders" is an initiative launched by a group of students for universal suffrage, i.e. universal suffrage for EU citizens in their country of residence in Europe. Read more…

Logo Volt

Opinion: Police Violence and Racism in the United States


On 25 May, George Floyd, an African-American man, was the victim of a police blunder in Minneapolis after he was suspected of using a fake banknote. His death shortly after his arrest by the police triggered a wave of protests - also here in France

Logo Volt

Analysis: Avenir Europe - The economy post Covid


The Covid-19 pandemic raises a number of crucial questions, including the capacity of our systems to respond to existential events. Volt France has used this period of containment to develop a series of proposals. Read more…

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Release: To the Municipals!


After the election of the new French board in September and the new European office a few weeks ago, local teams across Europe are preparing for the municipal and regional elections. In France too, where the French Volt team wants to run in Paris, Lille and Le Chesnay in the 2020 municipal elections. Read more…

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Release: Volt in the European Parliament


Volt officially enters the European Parliament with 248,824 votes (0.7%) in Germany! A big congratulations to Volt Deutschland and all the national teams who participated in the #EuropeanElection and to every single Volter voting across the EU who made this possible. This historic moment is only the beginning of Volt Europa. Read more…

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Opinion: It's your Europe, time to take a stand


A year ago, we would not have even dreamed of this. We were workers, students, pensioners and family members, but hardly any of us were politicians. And yet here we are: taking part in the European elections to defend principles we took for granted, and being ready to build a Europe that works for all of us. Read more…