Volt Newsletter - October 2021

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> Towards the legislatives elections
> Our teams on the ground
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October 2021

Welcome to our October newsletter. A month has passed since the election of the new board and we still have one foot in the transition, the other already in the preparations for the legislative elections. Read about our European General Assembly in Lisbon, news from other countries and what is happening in France.

News from the board - pushing our visibility

Although there are many things on the internal agenda such as the reactivation of our regional council, the board members have also started to represent Volt France externally and work on the network. Between the trip to Lisbon, we attended the EYE in Strasbourg and participated in the European Citizen Award ceremony. We also published a "Behind the Scenes of Volt Europa" profile in Sauvons l'Europe, with whom we hope to cooperate more in the future - sign up to their newsletter to stay up to date with all things European!

Volt France - l'Eye festival à Strasbourg 2021

We also developed the strategic topics on which we will focus our communication in the future. The first one we want to push in the public debate is European federalism.

Europe has been largely absent from the recent national campaign in Germany and, as France takes over the rotating presidency of the EU Council on 1 January, the role, importance and future of Europe is largely absent from the current political discourse, which seems to revolve more around polls than long-term vision and goals. If France wants to be the driving force behind the European project that is needed to fill the vacuum left by Germany, we must put Europe and a vision of European federalism at the centre. This is what we want to do.

Towards the legislatives elections

Volt France - La délégation de Lissabon

In between all these activities, we also shared the call to participate in the citizens' consultation on electoral abstention and published opinions on the France-UK fisheries dispute and the importance of giving young people a voice in politics. We are now focusing on the legislative elections: the development of our national programme and strategy is being defined - and we have launched the internal call for candidates in addition to those who have already declared their willingness to stand.

Legislative elections are important for several reasons, including:

  • Several foreign constituencies allow us to collaborate with other Volt sections and campaign across Europe;
  • They are the only election where the results determine the public funding of political parties. The bar is to have at least 50 constituencies (out of 577) with a score of more than 1% of the vote.

If you would like to participate in this effort or even consider running as a candidate, please complete our

Our teams on the ground

In Strasbourg, in the middle of parliamentary week, our MEP Damian Boeselager and his team presented their latest work in the Parliament. He was accompanied by Marieke Koekkoek, a member of the Dutch Parliament, who told us about the changes within Volt since their election in the Netherlands. We will be organising a number of 'Parliament' style meetings (don't miss the show from which we borrowed the title) to give a behind the scenes look at the work of our elected representatives.

Volt France - Parlement avec Damian et Marieke à Strasbourg

In Lille, our team is thinking about a future Lille. The next municipal elections will not take place until 2026, but there is already an interest in meeting around new ideas for the city. The first meeting was about public transport extending to Belgium and for the next ones, the team will start a tour to discover the different neighbourhoods, collect ideas and encourage people to participate in the discussions.

Volt Lille - Utopia 2026 - Wazemmes

The Ile-de-France team has launched another series of events - "Parlons Politique" - which focuses on specific topics, such as the benefits of a deliberative democracy, legislative elections and the weight that the Ile-de-France can have.

Volt France - Parlons Politique à Paris

Participate in our upcoming events : 

News from other Volt chapters

The Volt team in Portugal not only made a splash by hosting our European General Assembly in Lisbon, but also convinced independent MEP Francisco Guerreiro to join Volt after his term of office, giving us our second MEP (details in Portuguese).

In Cyprus, the Neo Kyma party has also decided to join Volt, bringing in over 1,000 new members. Volt and Neo Kyma will participate together in the next presidential elections in 2023 before Neo Kyma merges with Volt Cyprus to prepare for the European elections in 2024.

Volt also participated in the Italian municipal elections in seven cities and won a seat in Rome (!) and in Roseto degli Abruzzi. In addition, in Isernia, we won 6.6% of the vote and 4 seats on the city council. The Italian team is doing a great job and a recent poll shows that Volt Italia is polling at more than 2% nationwide among the under 35s.

Volt France - Volt Italia, la surprise du scrutin

What's happening on European level

You will certainly have followed the conflict between Poland and the European Union over the rule of European law. Our MP Damian gave a speech in the European Parliament on the occasion of the visit of the Polish Prime Minister and we would also like to share it here. We should not forget that France and Poland share a long history and that a large Polish diaspora lives here in France. The citizens of Poland want to remain at the heart of the European project and we must reach out to our Polish communities and help them make their voices heard.

Volt France - Discours de Damian sur la Pologne
Why did you come here?

The highlight of the month was of course our European General Assembly. It was the first time since Covid that we had the chance to meet again with Volters from all over Europe and Lisbon provided the perfect backdrop for four days of European politics. For the opening of the assembly, the French co-presidency joined the Council of Countries - the body of national presidents that works closely with the European board - for two days of elaborations on the main priorities of Volt Europa and the preparation of the European elections in 2024. 

Volt France - le Country Council à Lissabon

During the Assembly, Volt also voted for its new European board and we are very proud to have two French Volters elected as non-executive members: Charles Evain, our former Chair, and Lucia Naas, who has worked on diversity issues within Volt Europa. Our section is still relatively young and we are delighted to have two members on the board who are familiar with the particularities of the French democratic and electoral systems. The Volt France team that made the journey left Portugal very tired after long afterwork sessions in the streets of Bairro Alto, and is coming back very enthusiastic and motivated to make things happen within the party!

Volt France - Le nouveau bureau de Volt Europa