Volt Newsletter - Novembre 2021

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> Setting up our regional council
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November 2021

Welcome to our November newsletter from Volt France!

News from the Board

At the end of October and beginning of November, the United Nations Conference on Youth Climate Change, COY16, and the Conference of the Parties, COP26, were held. Robin Fontaine, a non-executive board member of Volt France was invited as a delegate to COY16. In addition to France and Monaco, he took the opportunity to represent the colours of Volt. The role of the delegates is to contribute to the writing of the World Youth Climate Declaration, whose proposals were ambitious. This was then handed over to the COP President to be passed on to all the countries present. Robin was also present in the early days of the COP to represent Volt's ideas.

Volt France - Bureau - Robin Fontaine à la COY16

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Fabiola, our Co-President, and Charlotte, a non-executive member of the Board, took part in a live instragram with Volt Spain and Volt Europa. To watch the intervention - in Spanish - with Volt Spain, follow this link !

Setting up our regional council

The Regional Council has undergone a change with the election of the five regions according to a new distribution, in order to make the number of members within France equal. Fanny Dubray, Eric Galera, Grégory Plasse, Nadine Lemoine and Brieuc Hallouët are the new regional advisors of Volt France. Their objective is to energise the regions, welcome new members and establish Volt France throughout France.

In addition, preparations for the legislative elections continue with the creation of the "Volt France Expats" group, which aims to use our European network to bring together French people living abroad. Are you interested in this project? Do not hesitate to contact us to share it with us!

We also invite you to fill in this questionnaire if you want to get involved:

Protest against domestic violence and violence against women

Volt France took part in the demonstrations against violence against women called by the "Nous Toutes" collective on the occasion of the day of fight against sexist and sexual violence. This year, once again, the mark of 100 women murdered by a spouse or ex-spouse has already been passed. It is a reminder that patriarchy continues to kill. It is also a question of calling on the government to take measures to protect the lives of women in danger so that women in France can feel safe and free.

A look back at the day:

Volt France - À Paris avec Nous toutes
Volt France - à Bayonne avec Nous Toutes

Volt France - à Lille avec Nous Toutes

In another situation, again related to social issues, Volt France also took action against the increase in housing prices in Bayonne.

Meet & Greet with local teams

Our local teams also organise Meet & Greet events in order to meet Volteurs and Volteuses and to get to know each other in order to benefit from the wealth of professional, activist and study experiences.

The Lille team, who discussed the city of tomorrow project with "Lille Utopia" :

Volt Lille - Utopia 2026 - Moulins

In Paris, a festive evening to congratulate the new regional lead, Fanny

Volt France - Paris Meet and Greet

In Lyon, Volt met with Eileen O'Sullivan, current deputy mayor of Frankfurt (Lyon's twin city) to discuss the European Youth Parliament.

Volt France - Lyon Meet and Greet

And for the first time, there was a Meet and Greet in St-Germain en Laye, in the Yvelines.

Volt France - Paris Yveslines Meet and Greet

Want to join a local team?

News from other Volt chapters

In Bulgaria, Volt Bulgaria has been given a seat in the parliament with a link to the majority, whose aim is to pursue a policy of social justice and to end the corruption that plagues the country. Nastimir Ananiev, founder of Volt Bulgaria and former President of the chapter, will take a seat in the parliament, making Volt the only party present in two parliaments in Europe: the Dutch and the Bulgarian. We wish him well in his work!

Volt France - Elections en Bulgarie

We also participated in the Danish municipal elections in Frederiksberg, where the Danish team ran for the first time in an election. With over 100 votes, Volt Denmark was one of the most successful of the small parties that ran. Their efforts laid the foundation for their growth and ultimately their electoral success in the future. Congratulations to Kathrine Richter, Danish, Mathieu Pouletty, French, the two list leaders, and the whole Danish team!

What happened on European level

At the European Parliament level, Damian, our MEP, travelled to Greece as part of a European Parliament delegation to learn about the situation of asylum seekers on the island of Samos and took the opportunity to meet the Greek team in Athens. Vasiliki Panayotopulu, leader of Volt Greece, summed up the situation: "So far, no progress has been made: possible European solutions are not being put forward with sufficient determination. Some EU states even oppose them. Damian's visit, neither the first nor the last, gave him the opportunity to discuss with the 150-member delegation of the European Parliament how to find a stable European solution to this humanitarian drama.