Newsletter March 2022

Newsletter March 2022

Mar 30, 2022, 6:29:58 PM UTC

Volt Newsletter - March 2022

> News from the board
> On the way to the legislatives
> Our teams on the ground
> News from other teams around Europe

March 2022

News from the board

Volt France - Bureau

On 19 March 2022, the Bureau, represented by two co-chairs, a treasurer and four non-executive members, met with the Council of Regions, made up of five local and regional committee leaders, to review Volt France's political and economic activities over the past six months.

This meeting provided feedback from the Council of the Regions on specific points such as the census of membership fees and the need to amend Volt France's internal regulations in the context of the monitoring carried out by the Commission nationale des comptes de campagne et des financements politiques (CNCCFP).

On the way to the legislatives

We invite you to attend the next Volt France Policy Team workshop on Thursday 31 March at 8.30pm. During this workshop you will be informed of the ideas developed by the European Task Force last month.

In order to allow everyone to participate, we will use the collaborative tool Miro to share ideas between colleagues. We look forward to seeing you all!

The outcome of this meeting will then be put to a vote by all Volt France members to be included in the Volt programme for the legislative elections.

Our campaign for the legislative elections continues!

We are still looking for candidates and substitutes for the heads of the lists we have already nominated!

In order to carry out the legislative elections, Volt France is calling for donations.  The cost of participating in these elections is significant.

Updated list of candidates running and their respective pages:

Our teams on the ground

We were also lucky enough to welcome Mr Serge Franchoo, a nuclear specialist, who gave an online presentation on the current state of nuclear energy and answered many questions. The event was a success, with 23 people from 5 different chapters in attendance.

Volt France - Débat sur l'énergie nucleaire

Volt France has also launched a call to discuss its communication, policy and action resources for our local, national and European teams to respond to the war in Ukraine.


The city teams are also resuming their activities. The Lille team took part in a feminist demonstration, giving Volt the opportunity to make itself known among the demonstrators.

Volt Lille - Manifestation


The Biarritz team was very active and participated in the "We are one people" peace rally to denounce the war in Ukraine and promote peace.

Volt Bayonne - Manifestation

News from other teams around Europe

Volt Europa turns 5 !

Volt France - 5e Anniversaire

On Tuesday 29 March 2022 our movement celebrated its 5th anniversary. On this special occasion, several physical events at local level and online at European level were organised. This anniversary is also an opportunity to recall Volt's electoral successes at European (1 mandate), national (5 mandates) and local (104 mandates) level!

Electoral evening in Bruxelles

Volt France - Législatives - Réunion Benelux

To support Volt Netherlands, Volt members gathered in Brussels to receive the results live.

Volt France - élections en Pays-Bas - Résultats
  • Utrecht 5,6%, 3 seats
  • Eindhoven 5,6%, 2 seats
  • Arnhem 5,0%, 2 seats
  • Maastricht 4.9%, 2 seats
  • Enschede 4,9%, 2 seats
  • Rotterdam 4,8%, 2 seats
  • Delft 4,6%, 2 seats
  • Amsterdam 4,3%, 2 seats 
  • Zwolle 3,7%, 1 seats
  • Den Bosch 3,3%, 1 seats

These very promising results have enabled Volt to have 19 newly elected members.


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