Volt Newsletter - July and August 2022

Volt Newsletter - July and August 2022

Sep 1, 2022, 1:38:58 PM UTC
Learn more about summer days, upcoming elections and our national and european general assemblies

Volt newsletter - August 2022

> News from the board
> Summer universities and general assemblies
> Our teams on the ground
> News from other chapters around Europe

July and August 2022

News from the board

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - Journées d'été de RP&S
Journées d'été of RP&S

Sven Franck, co-president and Robin Fontaine, non-executive member of the Board, attended the 27th Summer University organised by the Regions and People's Solidarity (R&PS) party, with which Volt France had a technical agreement during the last legislative elections. It was an opportunity to discuss the challenges of participation in the European elections, the need to participate and the possibility of participating together, because, although there is proportionality, the obstacles for small parties are very important.

Summer University and General Assembly

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - AG Volt France
Team violet

As every year, Volt France is organising its annual general meeting from 16 to 18 September 2022 in Nantes. The meetings will take place at the Maison des syndicats (room A, 1 pl Gare de l'Etat, 44200 Nantes).

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European general assembly in Prague

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - AG Volt Europe
Volt Europa - Prague GA 2022

The European Assembly will take place in Prague this year. Don't forget to get your tickets if you haven't already done so! 

Our teams on the ground

Volt Marseille organises it's season debut

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - Meet & Greet Volt Marseille
Volt Marseille

The Marseille team had a drink on Sunday 28 August at 5pm to get to know each other, with the aim of making Volt better known in Marseille and in the PACA region, and to prepare for the 2024 European elections.

Volt Lille launches AgendaLille.fr

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - Agenda Lille
Volt Lille

The Lille team launched agenda Lille, a website aiming to gather a mailing list of 15,000 subscribers to then launch local petitions. The team spent the summer putting up posters in Lille, Hellemmes and Lomme. More information on AgendaLille.fr

Volt elsewhere in Europe

Italian elections

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - élections en Italie
Les élections en Italie

As you know, Italy is going to early parliamentary elections on 25 September 2022, after the fall of the national unity government led by Mario Draghi, former ECB President.

Volt Italy will take part in the centre-left coalition, as part of the Partito Democratico list (PD-Italia Democratica e Progressista list), with substitute candidates/replacements. This means that we will campaign in support of the list and the coalition, to defend the ideas of a federal, democratic and open Europe against right-wing and extreme right-wing parties standing on the doorstep of power.

Volt Czechia is officially a political party

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - Volt CZ
Volt Česko

We announced it in the June newsletter and now it's official. A Volt chapter now exists in the Czech Republic. Shortly after officially registering Volt Česko as a political party, the National Office held its first press conference to introduce the party and announce that Volt will run in the upcoming municipal elections in Prague.

The National Assembly of Volt Germany

Volt France - Bulletin Août 2022 - AG Volt Allemagne
Volt Allemagne

On 11 September 2022, the 9th National Assembly of Volt Germany will take place. The programme will include exciting political discussions and debates on the internal structure of the party.  In addition, it will be the first "assembly with delegates" and their first physical assembly in 3 years!

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