Newsletter February 2022

Newsletter February 2022

Mar 2, 2022, 8:07:05 PM UTC
Legislative elections, fundraising and support for Ukraine

Volt Newsletter - February 2022

> News from the board
> Heading towards the legislative elections
> Our teams on the ground
> Volt across Europe

February 2022

News from the board

This month the Board continued to work on the strategic objectives for 2023, which were decided in Lille in January. The Board worked on the strategic objectives of expansion and visibility as well as on the fundraising strategy in preparation for the legislative elections.

Heading towards the legislative elections

The National Investiture Commission (NIC) composed of the board, the regional council, the general secretaries and the councillors recently invested Johannis Leininger as the new candidate for the legislative elections.

Updated list of candidates running and their respective pages:

Volt France - Alexandre Lesueur

Alexandre Lesueur

5th circonscription Bas-Rhin (Cantons de Barr, de Benfeld, d'Erstein, de Marckolsheim, de Villé, de Sélestat)

Volt France - Eric Galéra

Eric Galéra

9th circonscription (Lille-Nord-Est, Marcq-en-Barœul, Tourcoing-Sud)

Volt France - Robin Fontaine

Robin Fontaine

5th circonscription outside of France (Péninsule Ibérique)

Volt France - Legislatives - Candidates 4e Circonscription dehors de la France (Benelux)

Cédric Deverchere & Audrey Ngomsik

4th circonscription outside of France (Benelux)

Volt France - Valerie Chartrain et Laurent Romary

Valerie Chartrain & Laurent Romary

7th circonscription outside of France (Europe-Centrale)

Volt France - John Doe

Johannes Leininger

In a circonscription in Paris

We are looking for candidates to represent Volt France in the legislative elections! 

Volt France - Legislatives - Meet & Greet Benelux

In order to carry out the legislative elections, Volt France is calling for donations.  The cost of participating in these elections is significant. 

In order to run in a constituency, each candidate must at least be able to pay for ballots, flyers, posters and signage in the polling stations. We therefore invite you to make a donation or to become a sponsor for one of our six candidates. Thank you for your support!

Take part in the development of Volt France's programme priorities for the French parliamentary elections in June 2022! Since the beginning of February, the political team has been preparing a series of measures focused on three themes: 

  • Democracy: democratic reform, administration and digital, internal security; 
  • Ecology: agriculture and environment, energy, transport, economy;
  • inclusiveness: disability, economic inclusion, migration, gender equality, education

Due to recent events, the policy team is also in the process of forming an additional task force to devise Europe-specific proposals before going to a vote of the membership to decide on priorities to take to the elections.

Our teams on the ground

The Aura (Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes) team organised a first bilateral online meeting with the Volt team in Geneva, while Lyon and Geneva are partner cities and the cross-border region has many Volt members. The beginning of a Franco-Swiss cooperation of Volt.

The Paris team is active both online and offline, every Friday evening an online meeting is organised, the meeting is called "Parlons politique", and aims to discuss the events of the week while getting to know each other, a kind of recap of the week. In addition, the team organised a debate with the association Azmari on migrant women in Paris.

Volt France - Paris - Débat sur la situation des femmes migrants à Paris
Volt - a safe space for debate

In the south, the Toulouse team is present and has been canvassing at the EU Everyday exhibition.

Volt France - Toulouse - Exposition sur l'Europe

Volt around Europe 

A demonstration was held in Brussels in support of Volt Portugal as the results of the Portuguese parliamentary elections in the European expatriate constituency were annulled due to irregularities and the vote will be held again in a few weeks.

Volt France - Campagne pour Volt en Portugal à Bruxelles

Finally, from the north of France to the south and Belgium, our members were present at demonstrations in support of Ukraine.

Volt France - Lille - Soutien Ukraine
Volt France - Bruxelles - Soutien à l'Ukraine

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