Volt Newsletter - December 2021

> The board - The European Momentum

> Towards the legislative elections
> Our teams on the ground
> Volt around Europe
> What happened on European level?

December 2021

We wish everyone a great start to the new year! Stay healthy and in good spirits for whatever the new year may hold.

Thank you for your support!

The board - The European Momentum

On 1 January 2022, France takes over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Like other pro-European parties making suggestions to President Macron on what priorities to work on during our six-month term, our office has also developed a project called 'The European momentum'. For this project, we worked with our sections in the 27 Member States by asking each section to propose a concession that President Macron could demand from their government to legitimise the European Union. Six months is too short a time to find consensus on key issues among Member States, but it is enough time to negotiate the individual contributions that each country could make at national level with France orchestrating the effort.

Together with a team of French and European Volters, we published the white paper on 15 December (download it here) and we continue to send it to pro-European politicians and journalists in France and Europe as an example of what Volt Europa is able to develop when we work across the EU. Read more about it in an opinion piece on Sauvons l'Europe.

Volt France - Livre blanc - L'élan européen

We were also invited to Popol's podcast to talk about the upcoming presidential elections, a union of the left and the upcoming EU Council presidency. The podcast is available here : Popol 2 - Episode 5

Volt France - Popol Podcast avec Fabiola Conti

Towards the legislative elections

Volt France - Legislatives - Candidates

The elections are fast approaching and we have defined our selection process for candidates. We are looking for candidates and substitutes who are willing to stand for election to enable us to:

  • to have a gender-balanced number of candidates,
  • to try to reach 1% in 50 constituencies to qualify for public funding and maybe even get someone elected to the
  • maybe even get someone elected to the National Assembly.

If you are interested in running with Volt, you can find all the information you need to fill out an application on the following page:

If you wish to participate in our campaign in general, please fill in our

News from our teams on the ground

In Paris our team discussed the “Conference on the future of Europe” and which topics we need to push forward in the time left.

Volt Paris - Meet&Greet Cofe
Café and COFE

The team in Lille continued their discussion on the future Lille Utopia and added more contributions to the participative budget of the city.

Volt Lille - Meet and Greet

In Nantes, the team also met to discuss upcoming events in the new year.

Volt Nantes - Préparation de 2022
Volt Nantes en action

Finally our team in Bayonne is beginning to meet regularly and we are very happy to have another team which works on local and crossborder topics in the southwest of France.

Volt Bayonne - Meet & Greet

We will continue our events in the new year provided the sanitary conditions allow us to meet. You can see all upcoming events on the following page:

Volt elsewhere in Europe

Volt will participate in several election in the coming months including our first election in Switzerland where Volt is fielding candidates in two districts of Zurich.

Volt France - Élecetions en Suisse

End of january we will have another chance to win seats in a third european national assembly during the legislative elections in Portugal. Volt Portugal will present candidates in 19 of the 22 electoral circles.

Volt France - Élections Législatives en Portugal

"Who would have thought two years ago, that we would arrive at such a pro-european coalition contact" declared Laurens Dassens, chef of the Volt Netherland group in the Dutch parliament to Les Echos. Read the complete article on the new coalition contract in the Netherlands.

Volt France - Coalition en Pay-Bas
More budget, more Europe (photo by Les Echos)

What's happening on European level?

We have already talked about the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFE) and we are proud to announce that the third interim report of the Digital Platform Plenary includes several direct references to proposals made by Volt members. Thanks to the Volt Europe COFE team, Volt has concretely contributed to what will become the final document that will shape the future of the EU and Europe, as the Commission, Parliament and Council have committed to do.

Our proposals : Conference on the future of Europe proposals

Download the report here : 3rd intermediate COFE report

Volt France - COFE

Happy new year !