Newsletter April 2022

Newsletter April 2022

May 2, 2022, 6:09:13 PM UTC
The presidential elections, Volt's participation in the legislative elections and our upcoming Volt values project.

Volt Newsletter - April 2022

> News from the board
> Preparing the legislative elections
> Our teams on the ground
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April 2022

News from the board

Presidential elections

Concerning the second round of the presidential elections and to stop the extreme right, Volt France has produced this press release to mobilise as many people as possible to stop Marine le Pen: "It is a duel of democracy against extremism. A duel between a France that is a constituent element of the European project and a France that chooses nationalism rather than cooperation between states. And finally, a France that risks siding with Russia and its war against the Ukrainian people, while the Ukrainian people are defending everything that we take for granted in Europe.

Volt France did not exist in 2017. Yet many of us had high hopes for the ambitious project led by Emmanuel Macron and La République En Marche. In 2022, we are disappointed by the fact that many of his most ambitious projects - the great debate, the citizens' climate convention or the presidency of the EU Council - do not live up to expectations. Yes, the French economy is booming, but just as the European Union is no longer just a European economic union, France must also strike a balance between the economy, social rights and the protection of the planet.

Volt France therefore called for a vote for Emmanuel Macron not because we believe in his project, but because the far right must not triumph in the heart of Europe.

We are also calling on the French people to support and vote for new parties in the next parliamentary elections - like Volt France. Political renewal needs innovative ideas and only if these ideas have support and a platform will the established parties and our democracy evolve. We cannot rely on the extreme left and right to keep our democratic system in balance."

Some images of the Volt France team's mobilisation on social networks:

Volt France - Barrage contre l'extrême droite - Sven Franck
Sven Franck, co-president of Volt France
Volt France - Barrage contre l'extrême droite - Sacha Courtial et Brieuc Hallouët
Sacha Courtial, board member and Brieuc Hallouët, member of the regional council
Volt France - Barrage contre l'extrême droite - Anne Chamayou
Anne Chamayou, board member

You can find all of the images of our campaign on our website.

Preparing for the legislative elections

We are here! The legislative campaign priorities developed by our members are available on the Volt France website. Organised into four main themes, Volt France members' votes have resulted in the following twelve priorities. 

  1. Europe 
  • Push for European institutional reforms 
  • Develop our European defence forces 
  • Move towards a European labour market and labour rights
  1. Democracy
  • Promote the representativeness of opinions and citizen participation 
  • Adapt our democracy to the 21st century 
  • Ensure transparency in political life and the media 
  1. Ecology 
  • Achieve carbon neutrality in the French economy by 2040 through massive deployment of renewable energy and green hydrogen
  • Make decarbonisation a strategic priority 
  • Ensure that financial mechanisms for an ecological transition are fully mobilised 
  1. Inclusion 
  • Adapt education to today's needs 
  • Move towards gender equality
  • De-demonising immigration to make it an opportunity
Volt France - Candidat.e.s aux législatives

Our legislative campaign continues!

  • Our candidate Valerie Chartrain published an opinion piece on the importance of thinking European during French national elections. Read the article (in German)
  • Our candidates Cédric Deverchere and Audrey Ngomsik are currently touring Belgium and Luxembourg to meet and discuss with French expats living abroad. Follow them on Twitter.

Our first joint team for the legislative elections - Anaïs Jalouneix of Allons Enfants and Yves Cozzoli of Volt - being interviewed by the local press in Toulouse on their electoral priorities in the 4th constituency of Haut-Garonne.

Volt France - Anais et Yves à Toulouse

We are still looking for candidates and substitutes for the heads of the lists we have already nominated!

Updated list of candidates running and their respective pages:

Volt listes

Mixed lists

  • Anaïs Jalouneix (Allons Enfants) & Yves Cozzoli in the 4th circonscription of Haute-Garonne


Help us fund our campaign for the legislative elections.

Objectif 1: 15 000€Objectif 2Objectif 3Objectif 4Objectif 5Updated : 29th of April, 2022


Our teams on the ground


Volt Paris met for a Meet & Great, a Parisian reunion, 10 people were present, it was good to meet and talk politics together, after months without a face to face meeting. We were able to meet new members and volunteers over a drink and talk about Volt's projects.

Volt France - Meet & Greet Paris
Meet & Greet Volt Paris


Volt was also present in Marseille at the European Congress of Cities and Regions, which was held in a hybrid format and attended by 3000 people.

Discussions and debates took place with the presence, for example, of Guy Verhofstadt (MEP), Roberta Metsola (President of the European Parliament) and Renaud Muselier (President of the PACA region), as well as direct talks with mayors and regional councillors, notably from Ukraine.

Volt France aux congrès européen des villes et des régions

Volt around Europe

Volt values project

In many of our discussions, we will work on a European perspective that has the potential to connect us across Europe. While none of us can do this by ourselves, we invite you to co-create this together - with the power of our European movement.

This is the beginning of one of the most important projects within Volt - co-creating a process that allows all members to be part of our common future. We want to ensure that all Volt members have the opportunity to participate and co-create this project together and talk about what connects us and how we can shape interactions that build bridges across.

Each member will have the chance to participate in this project several times throughout the year. The project will be launched in 15 languages at our Volt Europa General Assembly on 7 May.

Volt Europa - Volt values project

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