Volt Newsletter - Septembre-Octobre 2022

Volt Newsletter - Septembre-Octobre 2022

Nov 2, 2022, 3:33:16 PM UTC
News about the Council of the Regions, our teams on the ground in France and in Europe

Volt bulletin - Sept.-Oct. 2022

> News from our internal organs
> Our summer school and general assembly in Nantes
> Our teams on the ground
> Volt elsewhere in Europe

September / October 2022

News from our internal organs

Regional Council

Membres du conseil des régions chez Volt France en 2022

The Council of Regions, Volt France's second statutory body, welcomes new members. Following a territorial redistribution adopted by the National Board, Anne Camo and Audrey-Flore Ngomsik were elected on 16 October 2022 to represent the South-West (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Midi Pyrénées) and Diaspora/FDE regions.

A member for one and a half years, Anne Camo lives in New Aquitaine. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik is a French expatriate living in Brussels and was a substitute candidate for the fourth constituency of the French abroad (Benelux) in the last legislative elections.

Concerning the Grand-Ouest Region, an election will be organised between 11 and 13 November 2022, following the resignation of Brieuc Hallouët to get involved in the French abroad team (FDE). Members wishing to stand for election have until 11 November 2022 at 8pm to do apply.

Our summer school and general assembly in Nantes

Les participants à l
Members on the Volt France general assembly in Nantes

On 17-18 September, Volt France held its General Assembly in Nantes, France, giving members the opportunity to meet and participate in discussions, workshops and expert panels.

This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss strategies for the establishment of the party throughout France in the years to come and to prepare for the European elections of 2024.

Couldn't attend the panels? A replay is now available on Volt France's Instagram account.

Our teams on the ground

Volt Europa General Assembly in Prague & first meeting for the Île-de-France team

Les participants Volt France à l
Volt France at the General assembly of Volt Europa | Meeting of Volt Île-de-France

Volt France was represented by around 20 members (pictured left) at the Volt Europa General Assembly held in Prague on 8 and 9 October 2022, bringing together almost 800 people from all over Europe!

Volt Île-de-France also held its first meeting on 12 October (photo right). Johannes Leininger (Head of the region) took the opportunity to inform members of the latest news at European and national level. The members of Île-de-France then organised their activities into the following areas: Events, Partnerships, Integration and Communication.

To conact or join Volt Île-de-France, you can email : johannes.leininger@volteuropa.org

Volt elsewhere in Europe

Volt Bucharest marches for women's safety

Volt Bucharest diligently prepared and successfully participated in the "Together for Women's Safety" march, organised on 23 October in Bucharest. They took to the streets to ask policy makers to put aside empty rhetoric and to really support, by allocating resources, the fight against gender violence in Romania.

Équipe de Volt Roumanie participant à la marche "Ensemble pour la sécurité des femmes".
Volt Bucarest - Protest "Together for women's security"

For your information, Bucharest and the Volt Bucharest team will host the next Volt Europa General Assembly on 3 and 4 June 2023.

Congress of Volt Germany

Volt Germany held its first physical GA in 3 years with almost 500 people present. After changing their statutes, they will now only have physical GAs with elected delegates present to vote. This was their first time under this new system.

The German Executive Board had a position on nuclear power in Germany adopted by the congressmen. If implemented, this position would mean 1) using all the fuel in the 3 current reactors instead of closing them down with unused fuel 2) buying additional fuel for these 3 reactors and 3) reopening 3 additional reactors that have been partially closed down if possible in a safe and economical way.

Together, these measures would reduce Germany's CO2 emissions by 10%.

Participants de Volt Allemagne en train de voter lors de l
Volt Allemagne - General Assembly 2022

National rejoin march in London

Participants de Volt UK lors de la National Rejoin March
Volt UK - Rejoin march in the UK

Over 50,000 people took to the streets of London for the National Rejoin March with Volt UK as official partner and co-organiser. This was the first pro-EU march since 2019 and Britain's official departure from the EU.

About Volt

As the first truly pan-European party, Volt is committed to reforming the European Union and responding to today's challenges in a coordinated way at European level. Volt's vision: a progressive Europe with an inclusive society, a climate-friendly economy, an adaptable education system and self-determined digitalisation.

Volt is convinced that only the democratic participation of all European citizens will prepare us for a sustainable, economically strong and socially just future. This is why Volt acts at all levels - from local to European, as a movement and as a party. The movement gives everyone a voice and the opportunity to engage politically from within society. Today, Volt is present all over Europe: thousands of people of all ages and professions are involved in 30 European countries with teams in hundreds of cities.

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