Volt newsletter - Q1/2023

Volt newsletter - Q1/2023

Apr 3, 2023, 4:04:22 PM UTC
The pension reform, our 2024 priorities and much more...
Volt France | Élections europénnes 2019

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News from our instances 

Volt France - Le Bureau

Since the General Assembly on 6 March 2023, the Volt France Board has welcomed two new members: Cécile Richard and Elise Magne. The Council of Regions has a new member, Owen Vassellerie, representing the North-East region.

Volt France - Le Conseil

In addition, the members of the Bureau met during a retreat organised in Bordeaux from 10 to 12 March 2023 in order to work on Volt France's strategy for the coming months and to prepare for the European elections in 2024. As these meetings took place in the South-West, Anne Camo was invited to represent the Council of Regions.

Volt France - Retraite du Bureau

Our teams on the ground 

Bordeaux, Lille, Paris, Evreux …against this pension reform

Our local teams went to demonstrate last month against the pension reform. As it stands, the reform proposed by the government is reduced to financial adjustments and places the bulk of the burden on the middle classes and the youngest, and particularly within these categories of the population, on women.

Learn more about our specific points of critique in our press release!

Volt France - Réforme des retraites

Volt Grand Ouest in Rennes

On 18 February 2023, Volt Grand Ouest activists (and more broadly Volt France) were invited to a day of militant and convivial action in the streets of Rennes!

Volt France - visit Rennes

Volt IDF demonstrates on International Women's Day 

The social struggle does not stop! On 8 March, Volt France supported the feminist strike on the occasion of the international day of struggle for women's rights. This day made visible the inequalities suffered by women and gender minorities.

Volt France - Journée internationale des droits des femmes

Volt elsewhere in Europe 

A look back at Volt's achievements elsewhere in Europe

Damien Boeselager meets Volt Madrid

Volt Espagne - Assemblée Générale

Damien Boeselager was in Madrid on 6 March 2023 to discuss his work in the European Parliament and other current issues with Spanish members. During the meeting, they will discuss the future of the European Union, democracy in Europe, the war in Ukraine, immigration and asylum, data and, of course, transparency and accountability in the European Parliament.

First General Assembly of Volt Greece in Athens

Volt Grèce - Assemblée Générale

Members from various national chapters travelled to Athens to attend the first General Assembly of Volt Greece. 

Our team in Greece was established in 2018 and registered as a party at the end of 2022 and now has almost 300 members and volunteers. Volt Greece will run with other parties in the alliance Πράσινο kai Μωβ (Green and Purple) in the upcoming national elections on 21 May 2023.

New elected representatives in the Netherlands 

Volt The Netherlands has had another successful provincial and Senate (Eerste Kamer) election. Volt ran in 8 of the 12 provinces and got elected in all 8 provinces!

Volt is now represented at national, local and regional levels in the Netherlands. Gaby Perin-Gopie and Eddy Hartog will take up their seats as senators in May.

Heading towards 2024 - Our political priorities

The European election priorities translated into French are now available on the Volt France website. To find out more about the priorities and the process of creating the 2024 European election programme, please visit our "Road to EP2024 Programme". 

Our press releases and opinions 

Find on our website our press releases and publications published in the last three months!

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Updated on April 2nd, 2023