We, believe that a transnational political movement is needed in Europe,

  • which contributes to the development of a common European political identity and to the expression of the will of the citizens of this continent,
  • which enhances, deepens, and structures peaceful, equal, and responsible cooperation of European people,
  • which contributes through activities at local, regional, national, and European level to enhance civil participation and social justice,
  • which protects human dignity, human rights, solidarity, democracy, equality before the law, freedom, and the rule of law within and outside Europe,
  • which will give birth and coordinate political organizations belonging to this movement in every European country, to advance common causes, shared shared values, and progressive policies,
  • which promotes and protects the common good of all the residents and citizens of Europe.

Therefore, we have come together to create Volt, the first pan-European, progressive movement that aims to change the way politics is done, forever

(écrit en 2017)