Lille Utopia

Lille Utopia

Let's create our dream city for 2026 !

Lille: Dormitory for Paris?

The municipal elections of 2020 are well behind us. Time to think about 2026 as it's becoming evident that the municipality will continue applying cosmetic doses to the key ecologic, economic, european and social challenges we are facing while adding more office space to the city and gentrifying our neighbourhoods. Should Lille become a dormitory town for Paris? We don't think so! Let's start imagining what our city should become creating our Lille Utopia 2026 - a joint space for progressive ideas, bold propositions and visionary concepts on which we would like to work on for the next couple of years.

On the following pages you can find our ideas for a different Lille. Let us know what you think. Join our team to improve our proposals and add your own perspective to eventually give us a new chance to start making our Lille Utopia a reality in 2026.

Public transport

YouTube: 1,200 Japanese workers convert above-ground train to subway line in just 3 hours

14 years to build a tram or a few hours to build a metro

In our first meeting on October 14th we spoke about public transports, because in Japan you can transform a tram into an underground metro in 3 hours while in Lille we need until 2035 to install tram tracks on the road...

We spent an amusing evening going from teleportation to more concrete ideas which we want to develop further, including :

  • Installing commuter parking garages on top of the highway
  • Developping a traffic circulation plan with bottlenecks that includes the MEL and the region
  • Extending public transport beyond the borders and around the clock
  • Creating a public Uberbus network with reservation and prepayment but without fixed schedules
  • Add a second level on top of Avenue Willy Brandt for passenger pickup and dropoff to Lille Flandres


At our last meeting, we visited Bois Blanc, and tried to imagine the future of local health care services.

Healthcare in the future? We noted the following points:

  • Move to the obligation to consult any general practitioner instead of the treating physician;
  • Make the use of telemedicine ubiquitous;
  • Enable medical staff to provide mobile services;
  • Caring for our elderly in a dignified manner;
  • Charging for access to emergency services if other alternatives have not been consulted before.


YouTube: Hamburger Deckel

Covering the highway with a green roof in Hamburg

At our last meeting, we visited Moulins to speak about urbanism and green spaces. We retained a lot of interesting ideas:

  • Cover the motorway with a green roof;
  • Require green spaces to be on the ground;
  • Convert city centre parking spaces into green parking spaces;
  • Require that large-scale construction projects include the necessary facilities;
  • Stop issuing planning permission for plots above a certain size;
  • Follow the UK model of public management of empty flats;
  • Demand that the government provide an incentive for tenants to renovate flats.

The Future of Work

YouTube: Roubaix : L'Effroyable face cachée. Où est passé l ‘argent ?

What perspectives for underprivileged?

At our most recent meeting in Fives, we began the discussion on the future of work. Here are our first ideas:

  • Introduce a universal basic income ;
  • Make lifelong learning a possibility ;
  • Make applications anonymous to prevent discrimination ;

If we want to move forward, we must clearly look beyond Lille and include more municipalities in our planning. Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

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