The society game: A citizenship guide for the youth of Lille

The society game: A citizenship guide for the youth of Lille

Sep 8, 2022, 4:18:12 PM UTC
Our essential guide to associative and political involvement in Lille and the Metropolis. The citizenship guide for the youth of Lille
Volt Lille - Jeu de société - Stack

> A map for young people arriving in Lille that explains why and how to get involved at local level.
> The guide explains why you should care about local politics, what municipal competences are involved and why you should care.
> The map is designed as a character development guide and begins with registration on the local electoral list.

Every year, thousands of students arrive in Lille and while there are many guides to exploring Lille's cultural life, little information is provided to help young people become active in local associations and initiatives. The members of Volt Lille wanted to change this and during the summer they created a "Jeu de société" - the essential guide to getting involved in associations and politics in Lille. 

The map is designed as a character development guide. It explains why it is important to register on the local electoral list. The political powers of the municipality are presented and how they affect the life of young people in Lille. The main local challenges are detailed, as well as ways to become active: "solo campaigns" such as the city's participatory budget or local petitions as well as "team campaigns" with a list of associations to discover and join. The map lists independent bookshops, community cinemas, repair cafés, shared gardens, community meeting places and free poster spots among other things.

Eya Chafroud, member of Volt Lille and co-author of the guide : "My generation will be the one most affected by public policy, from national to local level. Yet we are the ones who seem to be the least interested in politics, judging by our abstention in the ballot box. With the map, we want to try to change this. We would like to explain how young people in Lille are affected by local politics and where they can become active. Our idea was to create a map and design it as a character development game. It is not yet digital, but we have a lot of ideas for the future".

Sven Franck, responsible for Volt Lille : "Although I came to Lille for work, I was faced with a similar challenge of trying to find my place to become active in local life. All cities have tourist guides, but I have never seen a guide to citizenship. If we want to reduce the distance between politics and citizens, especially for younger people, we need to make such efforts to try to explain the relevance and show the possible ways to contribute to our societal fabric at the local political level. The society game is a first attempt in this direction and we would be very happy if, in a few years, there were similar guides all over France and maybe even in Europe."

The Volt Lille team will be distributing the card to students in the coming weeks. Anyone interested can also request a card by making a donation to Volt France with the reference "Lille board game".

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