A small step in politics, a big step for Volt in Lille and the Metropolis

A small step in politics, a big step for Volt in Lille and the Metropolis

Jun 14, 2022, 6:55:33 AM UTC
Les candidats Volt à Lille ont obtenu 2,15 % et 1,14 %. Appel à voter pour les candidats pro-européens au second tour
Volt Lille - Les resultats aux legislatives 2022

> Volt candidates in Lille obtained 2.15% and 1.14%
> Volt Lille will continue to work for its ideas in the communes of the European Metropolis of Lille
> For the second round, Volt Lille calls to vote for the pro-European candidates: the EELV ecologists in the 4th and 9th constituencies and Rudy Elegeest in the 2nd

Lille, June 13th, 2022

Yesterday's legislative elections were marked by Volt France's first participation in a national election. With two candidates running in the Lille metropolitan area, Eric Galera in the 9th constituency, who obtained 2.15% and Claire Desbois in the 4th constituency, who obtained 1.14% of the vote, the regional team is very pleased with its first campaign result and, with limited means, to have convinced 1,500 voters to give their vote to Volt

Eric Galera : Our Volt and PRG team has worked very hard over the last few weeks and we would like to thank all the voters who put their trust in us in this constituency. For us, these elections are just the beginning. A campaign is only the occasional sprint between time spent working on the ground and exchanging with the citizens, discussing their needs and our ideas. Even if we are not elected, we will try to fight for our ideas and build our teams across the constituency. Join us, if you are interested in learning more".

Claire Desbois : We have left our first footprints in many municipalities. Small steps in politics, but big steps for our team in Lille. We hope to gain more weight in the communes in the future by trying to show the importance of a metropolitan approach to politics. This was my first campaign and I am very happy that we managed to convince so many voters to put their trust in us

Sven Franck, co-président de Volt France : "Beyond trying to convince voters that our ideas deserve to be represented in the National Assembly, we also wanted to start making our movement known in the territory of the Metropolis. After campaigning with LilleVerte in the Lille municipals and under the Luce label in the regionals, this was our first election as Volt and we are more than happy to have been able to show our colours, which is essential to increase our presence beyond the city limits of Lille."

Call to vote in the second round

For the second round in the 4th and 9th constituencies, Volt Lille calls for support for EELV candidates. There is an ecological emergency that must be a priority and for Volt Lille, this emergency can only be solved in European concertation. With its support, Volt Lille underlines that there is a pro-European environmentalist electorate in the region that expects a pro-European policy in return for this support.

In the 2nd constituency, Volt Lille supports the candidacy of Rudy Elegeest. Ecological and social challenges go hand in hand and here again, progressive and pro-European voices are needed in the Assembly. Volt Lille therefore trusts Rudy Elegeest, his personal background and his commitments to be part of the social democratic representation that will be missing today at national level.

About Volt

As the first truly pan-European party, Volt is committed to reforming the European Union and responding to today's challenges in a coordinated way at European level. Volt's vision: a progressive Europe with an inclusive society, a climate-friendly economy, an adaptable education system and self-determined digitalisation.

Volt is convinced that only the democratic participation of all European citizens will prepare us for a sustainable, economically strong and socially just future. This is why Volt acts at all levels - from local to European, as a movement and as a party. The movement gives everyone a voice and the opportunity to engage politically from within society. Today, Volt is present all over Europe: thousands of people of all ages and professions are involved in 30 European countries with teams in hundreds of cities.

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Eric Galéra - Head of Volt Hauts-de-France
Mail : eric.galera@volteuropa.org 

Sven Franck - Co-President of Volt France
Mail : sven.franck@volteuropa.org   

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