Our publications in 2023

Volt France - La liberté d'informer

Affair Lavrilleux: our proposals to protect freedom of information

Volt France, English
Sep 28, 2023, 7:07:50 AM
Volt France is concerned about the arrest and prosecution of investigative journalist Ariane Lavrilleux
Volt France - Conflit entre l'Armenie et l'Azerbaidjan

Europe and the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Volt France, English
Sep 20, 2023, 7:01:54 PM
On 21 September, the Armenian people celebrate the independence of the Republic of Armenia. However, the mood is far from festive.
Volt France - SOTEU 2023

SOTEU 2023: A Laundry List of Non-Legislative Proposals

Volt France, English
Sep 13, 2023, 3:49:16 PM
President von der Leyen's less than stellar SOTEU speech is a missed opportunity to show young people that the EU cares about their future.
Volt Lille - La Braderie

The European Braderie

Aug 31, 2023, 10:25:34 AM
For the Braderie, Volt Lille has turned its eyes beyond the European Union to invite the Leeds for Europe association from our twinning city.
Volt France - IPA sans ingrédients

The new political season: A presidential P.I.A. (Broad Political Initiative) that lacks diversity and a European flavour

Volt France, English
Aug 30, 2023, 12:09:56 PM
The President's political initiative to foster unity among major political parties falls short due to excluding smaller parties and overlooking Europe
Volt France - Assemblée Générale à Evreux

Volt France holds its annual general meeting in Evreux

Volt France, English
Aug 17, 2023, 3:09:37 PM
Volt France is holding its annual general meeting in Evreux on 16 and 17 September.
Volt France - Décès de Nahel M. - Rompre avec les violences

Death of Nahel M., urban riots: breaking the cycle of violence

Volt France, English
Jul 3, 2023, 11:27:05 AM
Volt expresses its deep sorrow and grief to Nahel M.'s family and friends, and proposes a new start based on three principles.
A person is standing at a crossroads: one path leads to degrowth, one path leads to green growth

The limits of degrowth

Volt France, English
Jun 28, 2023, 12:00:00 PM
In May 2023, MEPs, academics and activists gathered in Brussels to discuss our #BeyondGrowth future.
Manifestation sur la route

Soulèvements de la Terre: a dissolution against the current

Volt France, English
Jun 22, 2023, 12:00:00 PM
The government's dissolution of Soulèvements de la Terre restricts civil liberties and raises concerns about the challenges of climate change.
Volt France - Position Proposition PPL Liot

The social movement and political crisis caused by pension reform must find a democratic outlet

Volt France, English
Jun 9, 2023, 6:18:50 AM
Volt France is calling for a debate on a fairer reform.
Volt France - Communauté politique européenne

Open letter to the European Political Community

Volt France, English
May 30, 2023, 5:53:02 PM
Nous nous adressons aux chefs d’État de 47 pays européens à l'occasion de la deuxième réunion de la communauté politique européenne (CPE)

Marseille shootings: what if Europe was part of the solution?

Volt France, English
May 29, 2023, 11:02:50 AM
21 deaths. This is the grim toll of the shootings that have taken place in Marseille since the start of the year.

Our publications in 2018-2021

Volt Press Banner

Volt Europa Elects New Leadership


Italian Francesca Romana D’Antuono elected Volt Europa’s female co-President alongside Dutch incumbent Reinier van Lanschot. Cypriot party Neo Kyma announces to join Volt, as does Portuguese MEP Francisco Guerreiro. Read more...

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Utopia 2026: Public transport


Public transport in Lille, the MEL and with our neighbouring regions was the topic of our first meeting for our future agenda Read more about our meeting in Wazemmes and the next events ...

Volt Press Banner

Press Release: Launch of the Volt group Eurometropole


With a small team in Kortrijk, Volt is now looking to create an antenna in Tournai with the objective to. Read more...

Volt Press Banner

Press Release: Live: Who will take over from Angela Merkel?


Live transmission of the German federal election results in joint event of Volt Lille, ACLE and the German Stammtisch. Read more...

Volt Press Banner

Press Release: Volt France elects european co-presidency


Volt France members have elected two new European co-presidents that now will prepare the national programme and participation in the upcoming legislative elections. Read more...

Volt Press Banner

Press Release: Volt committed to regional languages


After the partial censure of the Molac law, Volt France is calling on the government to act to ensure that immersion teaching is protected and that diacritical marks for regional languages are allowed. Read more…

Volt Press Banner

Press Release: EuropeCares becomes an Independent Humanitarian Organisation


The EuropeCares Organisation will focus on raising humanitarian aid and awareness of societal issues. Volt is committed to a future of greater social innovation and effective policy change. Read more…

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Press Release: Volt France is present for the departmental and regional elections


The pan-European Volt movement marks a major step in its national development and participates in departmental and regional elections in many French territories. Read more...

Volt Press Banner

Position: Climate Law - Citizen participation is for naming bridges


The leftovers of the Citizens' Climate Convention will be discussed in the National Assembly in the coming days. It is an exercise to claok the efforts against climate change, just as citizen participation initiatives seem to be potemkin conventions. Read more…

Volt Press Banner

Position: Housing - If you build them, they will come


La création de plus de logements peut dégrader la situation des sans-abris - les recettes municipales n'augmenteront pas sans taxe d'habitation - nos propositions pour une politique de logement plus équilibrée. Lire plus...

Volt Press Banner

Position: Security - Step by step towards a dystopia


The extension of the Public Safety Act and the collection of religious, political and health data removes yet another piece from the foundation of our democracy and the principles on which our republic was built upon.

Offshore Wind Turbines

Opinion: Offshore wind park - Gone with the wind


After the region declared in its last SRADDET that no more onshore wind turbines will be installed in the Hauts-de-France, we have to be creative to further increase our share of renewable energy. Read more…

Modernisation Lille-Lesquin

Opinion: Lille-Lesquin - more flights for less emissions?


Lille-Lesquin Airport is planning a major upgrade, which not only includes bringing the airport into compliance with regulatory standards, but also aims to significantly increase the airport's capacity from the current 2.19 million passengers per year to 3.9 million passengers by 2039. Read more…

Opinion: PCAET of the MEL - Too little too late?


The MEL is currently finalising the Territorial Climate-Air-Energy Plan (PCAET) for 2020-2025. Without having the time to study in detail a document with such important consequences, the Volt Lille team would nevertheless like to highlight the weaknesses of the plan that should be considered for its final version. Read more…

Analysis: Eurometropolis - where ambition meets reality


As Rudy Demotte is elected president of the Eurometropole for the third time, one wonders whether the pioneering European project launched in 2008 will finally wake up from its Cinderella sleep or whether we will continue to watch a cross-border version of Groundhog Day. Read more…

Tribune: Who votes after everyone has left?


Why the right to vote for foreigners is so important and how the European Citizens' Initiative VotersWithoutBorders is trying to achieve real universal suffrage for EU citizens. Read more…

Analysis: The reintroduction of neonicotinoides


On 6 October, the French National Assembly voted to pass a law to reintroduce neonicotinoids on the grounds that there was no alternative to protect the French sugar industry from an outbreak of M.Persicae insects threatening the beet crop. Our analysis…

Opinion: Forum Agora


For the new public enquiry on the Forum Agora project based on the project owner's response to the initial public hearing, Volt Lille wishes to raise some points to advocate for a more balanced and sustainable construction. Read more…

Elections: Candidature Citoyenne - let's go!


We have launched our registration page for citizens interested in running in next year's regional elections on a Volt-led list. Read more here…

Position: Recovery Plan adopted by the European Council


After a few days of negotiations, the heads of state and government of the European Union have adopted a 750 billion euro recovery plan to tackle the Covid 19 crisis, including 390 billion euros in grants and 360 billion euros in joint borrowing. Read more…

Activities: Volt cooperates with "Voters without Borders"


"Voters without Borders" is an initiative launched by a group of students for universal voting rights for EU citizens in their country of residence in Europe. Read more…

Position: Election of the MEL President


After the municipal election in Lille, the sincerity of which is contested by practices from another age, the very undemocratic re-election of Mr. Damien Castelain as President of the European Metropolis of Lille shows how much the old world of local politics lives in a vacuum and far from the concerns of citizens. Read more…

La MEL sur OpenCycleMap

Opinion: What roles for bike in the MEL?


With the Metropolitan Cycling Challenge ending with a new record for kilometres cycled, we have to ask ourselves when the MEL will start to catch up with other regions in terms of cycling infrastructure. Read more…

MEL - Tour des Commuens

Activities: MEL - Tour des Communes


Follow us throughout the month of June and the "Ensemble en Selle" competition to discover how accessible the communes of the MEL are by bike. Read more…

Position: Violence Policiére

Position: Police violence in the US


On 25 May, George Floyd was the victim of a police shooting in Minneapolis. His death shortly after his arrest by the police triggered a wave of protests against racism, discrimination and police violence - a subject that is also being debated in France. Read more…

Tribune Euractif - L'UE sans moyen et mandat

Tribune: Europe without means or mandate - a paper tiger


The European institutions are handicapped by the inability of governments to agree on a common strategy to combat VOCID-19 and its economic repercussions. Today, more than 70 years after the founding of the EU, they remain stalled and dependent. Read more…

Elections: Solidarity


Start addressing the issues that should not be a problem in a truly inclusive city - from poverty to homelessness, from migrants left on the streets to the invisible loneliness of people cut off from the rest of society. Read more...

Elections: Waste


To strive for Lille to become the first 'zero waste' city in France by finding innovative measures and incentives to significantly reduce and recover household waste and waste in the business and construction sector. In addition, to make Lille a clean city, to change the feelings and behaviour of visitors and residents. Read more...

Elections: Mobility


Make Lille and the MEL an example of a region in transition to a less car-dependent society by making public transport the backbone of urban mobility - both affordable and incentivised, both innovative and inclusive. Read more...

Elections: Culture


To turn the city's cultural and leisure capacities inwards - by launching initiatives to promote the internationality and different cultures that exist in the city. Supporting exchange and integration between neighbourhoods and creating living spaces for all. Read more...

Elections: Public service


A city that takes care of its citizens and businesses as if they were customers can distinguish itself in terms of attractiveness. Read more…

Opinion: SRADDET Hauts-de-France


Our opinion of the regional plan for planning, sustainable development and territorial equality. Read more...

Analysis: Your projects make Lille


Synthesis and analysis of the proposals made by the citizens for the participatory budget of Lille in 2020. Read more...

Elections: Participation


Work to establish a new style of municipal politics in Lille - more transparent, accessible and democratic, with an emphasis on elected representatives rather than concentrating power in omnipresent and omnipotent mayors. Read more...

Elections: Housing


To reassure that the development of Lille provides a home for all and the space for a growing citizenry - without sacrificing quality of life, wasting arable land and without the need for car travel to compensate for careless urban planning. Read more...

Elections: Urbanism


Respond to Lille's ambitions to be a green capital and find innovative ways to add greenery to the urban landscape to capture carbon emissions, reduce the risk of urban heat islands and create much needed space for citizens to breathe. Read more...

Elections: Equality


Help to build a society of gender equality by supporting efforts to improve knowledge and recognition of young people's sexuality, by ambitiously reinforcing the interministerial policy on sexuality education, by organising and reinforcing the visibility of the national education system's action in the area of sexuality education, and by giving responsibility to other key socialisation areas for young people outside of school. Read more...

Elections: Education


The third industrial revolution is eating up its children - an education adapted to this reality is needed - that forms individuals with a fulfilled personality in harmony with their interests and skills - capable of social interaction and curious about lifelong learning. Read more…

Opinion: Regulation on intercommunal advertising


Our opinion for the public enquiry on local rules for intercommunal advertising

Opinion: PLU MEL


Our opinion on the PLU2 of the MEL and our wish for a more holistic approach. Read more ...

Elections: Renewables


Create a regulatory environment that allows for both on-site renewable energy creation, local distribution and consumption. The aim should be both to significantly reduce our energy consumption and to create alternative and local energy sources. Read more...

Elections: Security


Make Lille a city where everyone feels safe - without video surveillance and increased police violence, but with a focus on deterring offenders, caring for the homeless and enforcing existing rules and regulations by an attentive municipal police force. Read more...

Elections: Agriculture


Adopt best practices from other European cities and participate in MUFPP to integrate agriculture and biodiversity in the city. The objectives are to quantify the demand, to install a short distance infrastructure and to set up financial incentives for peri-urban farmers and citizens to invest in more food autonomy. Read more...

Elections: Local economy


Focusing business development policy on creating an administrative environment that attracts business and helps entrepreneurs to set up new businesses while creating opportunities for low-skilled workers. Read more...

Position SRADDET - Much to prove, much to loose


Volt Lille's opinion for the public enquiry of the SRADDET of the Hauts-de-France region. Read more...

Analysis: SRADDET Hauts-de-France


Our summary of the regional plan for planning, sustainable development and territorial equality. Read more...