Looking for citizen candidates

Volt | Candidature Citoyenne

We are trying to participate in the next regional elections with Volt Hauts-de-France. Our aim is to build a citizens' list - so we need you: to stand as an eligible candidate or to help us complete the list in each department. Positions will be drawn randomly and we are happy to incorporate your proposals into our regional programme. More information on:

Neighbourhood Councils

With LilleVerte, we have a local councillor in each ward to defend a different type of democracy and idea of citizen participation. And you can help us! Tell us about your most important issues in the neighbourhood. Is your street in bad shape? Do you have problems with crime? What projects would you initiate? What projects does the city need to do?

Although we are not currently in a position to implement projects, we would nevertheless like to analyse and work on your proposals. We will try to advocate for their implementation while developing citizen dialogue and the kind of democracy we envisage for Lille and beyond.

Tell us your problems, ideas and plans! We will collect ideas and present them on a dedicated website with other interested parties contributing.

Current calls for public opinion

Here you will find the public enquiries in Lille, in the MEL area and in the region, to which you can give an opinion. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you want to help us to develop positions on the respective surveys.