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Since the resolution adopted on 5 February 2021 by the city council, the citizens of Lille, Hellemmes and Lomme have the possibility to add a subject within the city's competences to the agenda of the city council by using local petitions.

Two months to collect 13.000 signatures?

The problem? Initially set at 20%, you only have two months to convince 10% of the electorate (i.e. 13,000 voters) to sign the petition on the city's website. Even for key proposals such as the permanent pedestrianisation of the Grand'Place, this number of signatures is not achievable.

Agenda Lille - the mailing list of 15,000 voters

Instead, let's create a mailing list of at least 15,000 registered voters in Lille, Lomme and Hellemmes. Once we reach this level, we will have the capacity to sign and put local petitions on the agenda of the city council.

Our opinions and proposals

Citizen participation, concertations and surveys. There are many opportunities to give your input on current topics on municipal and metropolitain level.

Although these topics are often too complex in their presentation and contributions are seldomly taken into account, we believe it is important to express point of views, make alternative suggestions, propose ideas and critize when necessary.

Here are our contributions:

Neighbourhood Council

There are ten citizen councils in Lille - one in each quartier of the city. While we would prefer these councils to be composed of volunteer citizens randomly selected and given much more competences on the level of the quartier, we have to make do with their current version.

Currently nothing is posted here. Please check back later!

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