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Local petitions

In 2021, the municipal council has adopted local petitions, allowing citizens to put a topic on the monthly agenda of the council. However, it is almost impossible to do so, as a petition requires that in two months, 20% of the electorate, which means around 25 000 voters, register and sign a petition on the website of the city. This number has since been reduced to 10% of the electorate, which the city has yet to adopt, but it still means collecting 13 000 votes in two months. Impossible, unless...

Why don't we first create a mailing list of at least 15 000 registered voters?

Once we reach 15 000 subscribers, we share petitions to sign in order to put them on the municipal agenda

This is the idea of !

Join the 15 000!

To sign up, subscribe to our newsletter which we will be our tool to present projects we have received and inform you about the number of subscribers. Please also help us spread the word. Collecting 15 000 electors in Lille is equivalent to electing the mayor. It will take a bit of time and all the help we can get.

Current number of subscribers

Objectif 1: 100  Objectif 2: 500 Objectif 3: 1000 Objectif 4: 5000 Objectif 5: 15000 (8th of August 2022)

35 registered subscribers

Your turn

Suggest a topic for the municipal agenda

Join us and help collecting signatures

The map

On this map we will publish the projects we have so far received. Follow the link above to submit a project and help us reach the 15 000 subscribers, so they can be submitted.

Project overview

More details on the submitted topics

Currently nothing is posted here. Please check back later!