Our vision and values

Our vision

Volt's vision is to establish politics as the responsibility of citizens.

The more we delegate our responsibility by voting for representatives of a political system that exists for its own ends and often serves particular interests instead of those of all citizens, the less we will be able to find answers to the challenges facing all of us.

We are volunteers, not professional politicians.

As citizens, we work in local communities and associations all over Europe. We try to listen, collect and exchange ideas, learn from each other and collectively develop the proposals that make up our political programme.

As members, we facilitate dialogue between citizen communities and the administration. We take positions and share our proposals so that they can be implemented by anyone. We present citizens' lists for elections, trying to find the best candidates to represent and help govern a community.

As elected representatives, we are working on the implementation of our citizens' agendas. We want to continue to listen to and exchange with citizens rather than making decisions solely based on our given positions. We stand by our values and standards of transparency and try to set an example by redefining politics according to our values.

Our values

We have defined the following values as common principles for our work and for creating political programmes in all European countries:

Human Dignity

We believe in the unalterable dignity of the human being. This respect and appreciation of every human being is at the heart of our political conception. We believe that no human being is the same as another and that this diversity enriches our society.


We believe in the right of everyone to be able to decide their own destiny, regardless of their background or values. We believe that every human being should be able to fully unlock their potential according to their own definition, whoever they are. We believe that everyone should be able to participate actively in society.


By default, everyone is equal before the law, and laws should not be targeted at individuals. We fight against all forms of discrimination because we believe that every human being should be able to reach their full potential, no matter who they are. Moreover, citizens must be able to trust in the reliability and justice of their state.


We believe that the individual should be free to live his or her freedom and express his or her personality, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of another. The person is not only a citizen, but also a private individual, who should be able to live their potential outside the political dimension. Moreover, the state should always prefer to inform and enable citizens rather than force them.


We are Europe and Europe is us. If we understand that our individual future is intrinsically linked to the destiny of all other Europeans, we can fully understand that solidarity is the foundation of our European society. We believe that solidarity should guide our individual and collective actions, and therefore our policies. No citizen, no region, no country should be left behind.


Our aim is to move towards a better future, which is why we believe that sustainability is a key element. Our economies, our individual behaviour, and the administration of our states must be built sustainably, in terms of nature, finance, or any other common resources.