The Volt Lille Team

Political Playground

Volt uses the same organisational structure at European, national and local level with facilitators for certain topics working in a horizontal hierarchy. Members decide together and we allow everyone to contribute ideas and take responsibility. If you want to know more, join us at one of our meetings or contact us.

Team Lille

In Lille, we participate in various associations and try to bring our European perspective and shared experiences into our network of European city teams. We try to meet regularly, either online or to help each other at specific events.

An eye on the region

We are still a small team in Lille, but we have found our way into the municipal campaign with LilleVerte2020. We are also looking beyond the perimeter of Lille - we think there is a lot of potential for a real "European" metropolis of Lille and the Eurometropolis region in general - beyond that, we are trying to raise awareness on regional issues - like the public hearing for the next regional development plan Sraddet.

Vidéocapsule pour les Municipales

If you live in the Hauts de France and want to help build a more citizen centered way of doing politics - contact us.