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Volt is a citizen movement with 15,000 members in 30 European countries who share the same values and the idea of a more participatory, progressive and pan-European politics

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Volt manifeste pour les langues régionales

Press Release: Volt committed to regional languages


After the partial censure of the Molac law, Volt France is calling on the government to act to ensure that immersion teaching is protected and that diacritical marks for regional languages are allowed. Read more…

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Press Release: EuropeCares becomes an Independent Humanitarian Organisation


The EuropeCares Organisation will focus on raising humanitarian aid and awareness of societal issues. Volt is committed to a future of greater social innovation and effective policy change. Read more…

Volt France aux Régionales et aux Départementales

Press Release: Volt France is present for the departmental and regional elections


The pan-European Volt movement marks a major step in its national development and participates in departmental and regional elections in many French territories. Read more...

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Position: Climate law -Citizen participation is for naming bridges


The leftovers of the Citizens' Climate Convention will be discussed in the National Assembly in the coming days. It is an exercise to cloak our efforts against climate change, just as citizen participation initiatives seem to be potemkin conventions. Read more…

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Position: Housing - If you build them, they will come


Creating more housing can worsen the situation of the homeless - municipal revenues will not increase without housing tax - our proposals for a more balanced housing policy. Read more…

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Position: Security - Step by step to a dystopia


The extension of the Public Safety Act and the collection of religious, political and health data removes yet another stone from the foundation of our democracy and the principles on which our republic is built on. Read more…


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