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Join the paneuropean political movement

Do you feel that you are not represented by the existing political parties? Neither do we. But change will not happen unless we work on creating our alternatives within the political system.

Membership fee

The membership fee is 60€ per year (or more if you want). The reduced rate of €24 per year is applicable for non-working members and students. Membership will be for both Volt France and Volt Europa.

Types of membership

Active members pay a membership fee and have the right to vote on local, national and European issues. Volunteers do not pay a membership fee and have no voting rights either.


By clicking on the "Click herer to join Volt" button you will be directed to our Enter your email address, select the type of membership and complete the questionnaire. A Volter will get in touch with you for a short introductory interview - a chance to ask questions about Volt. The Volter will also help you find your way around in the beginning.


There is no need to invest a fixed amount of time, unless you are applying for an official position at national or European level.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address : info (@)

What do you do as a member?

Portrait Sven

Sven Franck

I spend a lot of time at Volt (at least 2-3 hours a day), working on policies, helping to integrate new members and updating the website. I organise our local team and was a candidate in the municipal elections.

Portrait Anouk

Anouk Le Berre

Thanks to Volt I can reconcile my political commitment with regular moves all over Europe. I am mainly in charge of events: moderation and organisation of national and European regional events. I am also in charge of communication and social networks for one of the regional branches: Volt Bretagne.

Portrait Adrien

Adrien Copros

My responsibility in Volt France is to support the teams in charge of welcoming new people to Volt France by answering their questions and sharing European best practices. To do this, I attend transnational meetings to improve our common methods and learn from each local team that campaigns in Europe. This takes me about 3 hours a day, except on weekends.