Our Eurostars

Become one of our Eurostars donors with an annual contribution of €500.

The European elections of 2024 are fast approaching and they will be crucial - not only for Volt, but also for France. With two extreme blocs and a weak majority, there is now a great need for political renewal. The European elections are the perfect time to make this happen.

One elected official can break the ice

Volt France - Damian Boeselager

In 2019, Volt Germany demonstrated how the election of an MEP from its ranks can help grow a national movement to over 4000 members today.

In 2024, we want to do the same in France.

A collective european effort

Because of the threshold system in France, this is not an easy task: we need to convince at least 5% of voters, i.e. 1.2 million, to give us their trust and their vote in order to have 5 deputies. The printing of the ballot papers and professions of faith alone will cost about 1 million euros.

But we don't need to do it alone. Across Europe, our sections are forming coalitions with moderate, pro-European parties; we intend to do the same in France. Five parties with a contribution of 250,000 euros each and the chance to have an MEP can already make this goal achievable, and allow the establishment of a new force in the political landscape in France.

Volt France - Legislatives

Our Eurostars

To make this ambition a reality, we need your help. 250,000 euros means finding at least 500 donors willing to give 500 euros in 2023, and the same amount in 2024 (hey, we are ambitious). You can reclaim 66% of your donation (330€ on a donation of 500€) on your tax return for the following year. With this support, you can help us fund a campaign that gives a real perspective to an electorate far removed from existing political parties.

We call our our donors our "Eurostars", because you will make a different, more forward-looking European policy possible here in France.

Help us put our French political system on a different track! Donate 500€ (any amount is welcome) and contribute to our campaign.

The map

For each donation, we will to add a star to our map. Our aim is to fill this map with stars - our Eurostars - to show other European countries that they can expect a strong European contribution from France in the next European Parliament.

It's time for a policy change. Help us to do so and become one of our Eurostars!

The testimonies

Why do you support Volt ? Testimonies of our Eurostar donors.

Sven Franck

The challenges our societies are facing today can no longer be solved on national level. We need Europe as a supranational institution that acts as a referee within its borders and provides an alternative, more sustainable and more just narrative for socities in the 21st century.

Derhen Coulomb

The European ambitions of our President are well known, the last few years have proven that only a true European political party will be able to bring about the change we need in an increasingly complex and crisis ridden world

Louis Drounau

Democracy is more than the sum of its parts. For a true European democracy, we need projects designed on a European scale, truly European political parties, and federal European institutions. Volt is leading the way.

Arno Veletanlic

Great ideas cross borders, much like people do. Schengen was the beginning of a project that fosters openness, cooperation, and prosperity. It gave a voice and a chance to many, no matter their shape, skills, religion, sexuality or gender. This is something worth fighting for.

Jean-Pascal Zanders

We face many challenges for our future. Traditional politics seeks to solve them at the national level. But these challenges are much bigger than a single state. With Volt, we have a pan-European party with the same agenda in all 27 EU members. Not bad for a start of collective action! This is why I support Volt France as a Belgian expat living and working in France.

Laurent Romary

The construction of a strengthened and more united Europe is now more necessary than ever, in the face of climate crises, health challenges, and threats to the peace that the pioneers of the European ideal have managed to establish. Volt's mission is to defend this European ideal in the upcoming elections, upholding its values of pragmatism, solidarity, a

Somsack Silouangkhot

The acceleration of the energy revolution and environmental transformation will have to follow the same impetus as the success of European integration.
Robert Schuman's speech was the founding text of the construction of Europe in 1950, and the founding of Volt Europa's Ecological International dynamic will be living proof of this during the 2024 European elections.

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