Volt France - Législatives - Valerie Chartrain et Laurent Romary

Valerie Chartrain & Laurent Romary

For the 7th district outside of France - Germany, Central Europe and the Balkans

Campagin Finances

Volt is participating for the first time in the French parliamentary elections, we do not yet have public funding and we are counting on you to help us!

We are committed to making our expenses, income and campaign accounts public. We cannot imagine representation without transparency.

Estimated Budget

Printing of ballots (50k per round)600€
Flyer Volt (25k)500€
Flyer Campaign (25k)500€
Letters (50k)1800€
3890€ 5000€ Objectif

Valerie Chartrain

JI am Valerie Chartrain and I have been living in Berlin since 2007.

I founded the Mycelium Foresight Studio, a company specialised in facilitating strategic foresight projects. My work consists of informing decision making today according to the future we want tomorrow.

The rise of populism, the Brexit, the rollback of women's rights, the inaction on climate change are all elements that have pushed me to commit to a party that works to fix the EU, democracy, a social economy, the environment and the humans who live in it.

I am running for the 7th constituency of French citizens living outside of France under the banner of Volt because I am convinced that solutions to our current challenges (climate, economic or social) can only be found at the local, national and European levels and that only Volt articulates these levels effectively.

Laurent Romary (suppléant)

I am Laurent Romary, I am 57 years old and I have been living between France and Germany for 15 years. Throughout my career as a computer scientist, I have sought to build scientific networks in Europe and to commit myself to opening up scientific results to the whole of society.

I want to see a Europe that offers every citizen the best possible standard of living throughout its territory, a Europe that is strong and efficient enough to be a powerful engine in managing the crises that surround us, while at the same time knowing how to open up to the world and assert its democratic and humanist principles.

My priority for this campaign is to work towards European mobility for all, in particular by advocating the acceleration of the ERASMUS+ programme for vocational courses.

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Three priorities for the 7th district

Although elected within the framework of a constituency, each Member of Parliament, by virtue of the National Assembly's dual responsibility for voting on legislation and overseeing government action, represents the entire nation and as such has a national mandate.

Volt's vision, however, integrates the local and European levels into any political process. Thus, our action in the Assembly will also aim to work for a more sovereign, powerful and sustainable Europe and to improve the local situation of French people abroad, whose numbers are constantly increasing.

Any questions? Do you need more details or concrete information? Ask us via Instagram and follow our publications. We will be posting more details throughout the month of May.

Here is the link to our priorities and our national programme

1 - More democracy and representativeness

We believe that the European level is the only relevant one to lead the future ecological transitions but also to implement a proactive and innovative industrial and economic policy. Many decisions are already taken at the European level without the citizens always feeling that they are really represented. We want to accelerate the democratisation of the European Union to give each of us the power to act from our own country and thus move towards a better representation of all at the European level.

2 - An accelerated ecological and social transition

The challenge is essentially to make a success of the ecological transition. But this cannot be achieved without a societal project that is accepted and desired by all. It is not only citizens who can individually take society in a sustainable direction, but the whole fabric of society by integrating both companies and their responsibilities, and by developing a vision of education in the medium term that integrates all the issues related to ecology and climate.

3 - Pragmatic and best practice solutions for French people in the Balkans, Central Europe and Germany

French people living abroad, and more particularly in the 7th constituency which is facing a war on its border, are concerned by both European developments and those of the countries where they live, and need pragmatic and simple French solutions. We have them.


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  • 19 May: Munich
  • 20-22 May: Vienna
  • 27-29 May: Frankfurt (Main) and Wiesbaden

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