Volt France - Thibault Pathias et Pauline Descroix

Thibault Pathias and Pauline Descroix

for the 5th constituency in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

With Volt, you are giving your vote not only to a party that is locally committed to Essonne, but also to a pan-European movement that finds common answers to common challenges with elected members in the European Parliament and throughout Europe.

Campaign Finances

Volt is participating for the first time in the French legislative elections, we don't have any public funding yet and we are counting on you to help us!

Printing of Ballots (50k per round)500€
Flyer Volt (25k)250€
Flyer Campaign (25k)250€
Circular (50k)1400€
200€ 2400€ Goal

Thibault Pathias

Originally from Lahonce, where I'm the manager of an organic and local shop, I became involved in my territory by being elected to the town hall with Pierre Guillemotonia in 2014. Involved in political ecology for more than 10 years, I am determined to carry the voice of progress, of ecology while putting local issues at the heart of my mandate.


Pauline Descroix

Volt France - Pauline Descroix

As a student, I am a convinced European who would like to strengthen the links between territories to better cooperate in a changing world. Committed to supporting exiles, I defend a more inclusive, ecological and united society.


Our national Priorities

  • Reforming and consolidating Europe (democracy, defence, labour rights);
  • Adapting our democracy to the 21st century and encouraging citizen participation;
  • Achieve a true ecological and social transition;
  • Ensure a free, equal and fraternal society for all, without discrimination

Our local Priorities

Increasing purchasing power and facilitating access to housing

  • Index wages and pensions to an inflation rate.
  • Rewarding households that have reduced their annual energy needs
  • Allow municipalities to invest in affordable public housing

A more participatory policy to decide together

  • Meet with citizens every month, in each of the municipalities.
  • Recognition of the blank vote.
  • For proportional representation.

Responsible Ecology

  • To achieve a 100% green and local energy transition in a progressive way.
  • Reduce the impact of freight transport on our environment.
  • To act on the renovation of housing, and make it a market of the future.


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