Volt France - Stéphane Péan et Armelle Maguer

Stéphane Péan and Armelle Maguer

for the 7th constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine

With Volt, the time has finally come for the citizens of France to elect new MPs for political innovation, who will then join our Dutch and Bulgarian MPs and our MEP.

Campaign Finances

Volt participe pour la première fois aux élections législatives françaises, nous ne disposons pas encore de financement publics et nous comptons sur vous pour nous aider!

Printing of ballots (50k per round)500€
Flyer Volt (25k)250€
Flyer Campaign (25k)250€
Circular (50k)1400€
600€ 2400€ Goal

Stéphane Péan

A "surprisingly well-travelled" Malouin (51 years old), I am back home after an expatriation in Japan and European responsibilities. As an international consultant in strategy and innovation in digital and ecological transitions, I believe it is essential to strengthen the political capacity of Europe and the French regions in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable development, without forgetting social justice.


Armelle Maguer

Volt France - Armelle Maguer

Mother of two daughters and artist (54 years old), I teach art at the Franco-German high school in Hamburg. I am from Brittany and I am a farmer and I believe that the preservation of the environment must be defended at the European level. Sharing the best of our regions and of Europe is essential to build together a quality future in an increasingly democratic society.


Our National Priorities

  • Reforming and consolidating Europe: defence, democracy and social justice
  • Adapting our democracy to the 21st century and encouraging broader citizen participation
  • Achieving a true economic, ecological and social transition
  • Ensuring a free, fair and fraternal society, without discrimination, including cultural and linguistic discrimination

Our Local Priorities

  • To co-construct the general interest of the "Pays Malouin" with local elected representatives in order to strengthen its socio-economic, cultural and political role in Brittany, France and Europe
  • To fulfil the Breton wish to strengthen the political capacity of the Region - creation of a real "Assembly of Brittany" with increased powers - in order to respond in a much more integrated and coherent way to the objectives of sustainable development
  • Encourage international exchanges to connect our territory to Europe and the world, in particular in the context of new cooperation with emerging countries and the African continent


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