Volt France - Frédéric Seigle-Murandi et Caroline Rey

Frédéric Seigle-Murandi and Caroline Rey

for the 1st constituency of Bas-Rhin

With Volt, you give your vote not only to a party that is committed to Alsace and the Upper Rhine locally, but also to a movement that goes beyond borders with elected representatives throughout Europe on a common programme. This European collaboration provides concrete answers to challenges that concern us all. French and European, our strength lies in our unity!

Campaign Finances

Volt is participating for the first time in the French legislative elections, we don't have any public funding yet and we are counting on you to help us!

Printing of the ballots (50k per round)500€
Flyer Volt (25k)250€
Flyer Campaign (25k)250€
Circular (50k)1400€
200€ 2400€ Goal

Frédéric Seigle-Murandi

I am a 37-year-old surgeon of Alsatian origin and have been living in Strasbourg for more than 12 years. I have been involved in associations and trade unions since I was a student, but above all I feel I am a European citizen. Faced with ecological challenges and the political and socio-economic dysfunctions of our society, Volt carries the values that Europe needs to move forward and progress.

For me, France must move to a new way of doing politics, in co-construction with its citizens, proud of its place in Europe, with a culture of results and in a constructive frame of mind.


Caroline Rey

Volt France - Caroline Rey

European by nature, I lived in Italy for a long time before moving to Strasbourg. I have been working in the energy and environment sector for 20 years. As a committed woman and mother of three children, the time has come to strongly support Volt's action to build a pragmatic, progressive and European future for France and the younger generations.


Our National Priorities

  • Promote a strong France at the heart of a citizen-friendly Europe. Develop our European defence forces and move towards a European market and labour rights.
  • Accelerate the ecological transition by giving citizens and companies the means to succeed, and make France the leading low-carbon energy force in Europe. 
  • Adapting education to today's needs and ensuring equal opportunities.

Our Local Priorities

Ecology and Energy Transition

  • Fight against fuel poverty because energy is an indispensable common good.
  • Support a mixed energy model that favours the use of local energies without giving up the power of centralised production. 
  • Encourage greater energy performance and efficiency in the building sector and in the transformation of businesses. 


  • Strengthen access to acute care and innovative treatments.
  • Make the cancer and loss of autonomy plans sustainable.
  • Undertake a complete overhaul of the health system: financing and scope of action, single payer, inclusion in the State budget to ensure its sustainability and balance.

Education and Equal Opportunities

  • Offer each student personalised support to ensure their success, whatever their aptitude and social or territorial origin.
  • Identify the skills of the future and develop courses of study to encourage people to consider these careers.
  • Introduce voluntary hours into the educational process from secondary school onwards.


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