Volt France - David Dolui et Mailys Viallie

David Dolui and Maïlys Vaillie

for the 5th constituency of Haut-Rhin

With Volt, you are giving your vote not only to a party that is locally committed to Essonne, but also to a pan-European movement that finds common answers to common challenges with elected members in the European Parliament and throughout Europe.

Campaign Finances

Volt is participating for the first time in the French legislative elections, we don't have any public funding yet and we are counting on you to help us!

Printing of Ballots (50k per round)500€
Flyer Volt (25k)250€
Flyer Campaign (25k)250€
Circular (50k)1400€
200€ 2400€ Goal

David Dolui

Volt France - David Dolui (ensemble positivons)

A lawyer by training, fluent in five languages, 38 years old, I arrived in Alsace 8 years ago. Active in associations, I have been committed for more than 15 years to a more integrated and democratic Europe. I was administrator of Philidor Mulhouse, then president of a commission of the French Chess Federation. You may have come across me regularly running stands at various events in Mulhouse.


Maïlys Vaillie

Volt France - Maïlys Vaillie

As a cook specialised in world cuisine (former cook at Foodlink), I have at heart intercultural exchanges and I deeply believe in the richness of diversity. I have been involved in ecology since I was a child, and environmental issues are a priority for me, which a united and supportive Europe can meet!


Our national Priorities

  • Reforming and consolidating Europe (democracy, defence, labour rights);
  • Adapting our democracy to the 21st century and encouraging citizen participation;
  • Achieve a true ecological and social transition;
  • Ensure a free, equal and fraternal society for all, without discrimination

Our local Priorities

Moving towards a solidarity that meets our challenges

  • Fight tax evasion by standardising taxes in EU countries
  • Align the AAH (Allocation Aux Adultes Handicapés = Allowance for Disabled Adults) with the minimum wage
  • Significant increase of the minimum wage from this summer
  • Introduce an autonomy allowance for young people from the age of 18

Recognising more symbols of the diversity of French identity

  • Include Missak Manouchian, poet and resistance fighter, in the Pantheon
  • Enabling everyone to master three national or regional languages

Responding to the climate emergency

  • Implement the measures of the Citizens' Climate Convention as soon as possible
  • Fight against the programmed obsolescence of products


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