Volt France - Christine Lambart et Adrien Copros

Christine Lambart and Adrien Copros

for the 2nd constituency of Loire Atlantique

With Volt, you give your voice not only to a party that is committed to Nantes locally, but also to a pan-European movement that finds common answers to common challenges with elected members in the European Parliament and throughout Europe!

Campaign Finances

Volt is participating for the first time in the French legislative elections, we don't have any public funding yet and we are counting on you to help us!

Printing of Ballots (50k per round)500€
Flyer Volt (25k)250€
Flyer Campaign (25k)250€
Circular (50k)1400€
520€ 2400€ Goal

Christine Lambart

Retired and a business coach, I have been an activist for Volt since 2017, out of conviction and not for the charisma of a leader!


Adrien Copros

I joined Volt in 2019 following the climate marches because it made sense for my studies.


Our Commitments

At the heart of a Citizen's Europe

  • Set up a Citizens' Convention to draft a European Constitution
  • Providing the European Union with a common armed force
  • Promoting European culture and citizenship

+ Democracy

  • Move towards a more parliamentary and decentralised system
  • Legalise cannabis and decriminalise the use of other drugs following the Portuguese model
  • Accompany the police force with social mediators (psychologists, educators, etc.)

+ Ecology

  • Implement the proposals of the Citizens' Climate Convention
  • Move towards sustainable development
  • Provide administrative and fiscal support to companies that decide to adopt a cooperative model (cooperative production compaies, civil property companies)

+ Inclusivity

  • For equal participation of people with disabilities in society
  • Better support for victims of aggression, harassment and discrimination
  • Separate curriculum reforms from the political system.


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