Volt France - Eric Galéra et Kenza Mounsi

Eric Galéra et Kenza Mounsi

pour la 9e circonscription du Nord

With Volt and the PRG 59, I am committed to you. You are giving your vote not only to values but above all to a citizen project.

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Eric Galéra

My name is Eric Galéra, I am 43 years old, from Tourquenne, I am a paediatric nurse and a committed citizen.  

I support approaches that correspond to my values: environmental, economic, social and democratic. 

Vous avez le sentiment de ne pas être représenté par les partis politiques existants ? Moi non plus. Mais le changement ne se produira pas si nous ne travaillons pas à créer nos propres alternatives au sein du système politique.

Today I want to build an ecological society, more just and united, based on the development, emancipation and autonomy of all.

Kenza Mounsi (PRG)

My name is Kenza Mounsi, I am 46 years old, and I work in the industry as a computer scientist. I have been living in Marcq en Baroeul for almost 10 years.

I feel concerned by the needs and demands of my fellow citizens in the constituency in which I live, I campaign and consume locally.

I am involved in associations for the protection of children, and in particular neglected children. Because I put the human being first, I reconcile my job as a computer scientist with respect for the individual by supporting the creation of a digital charter of human rights: access to information technology for all, and preservation of privacy.


1. Purchasing power

The last two years have been particularly challenging and have created a lot of uncertainty in our daily lives. We must ensure that no one is left behind. Companies have closed. Jobs have been destroyed. The price of basic resources has risen sharply, whether due to the crisis in Ukraine or to climate change

As a Member of Parliament, it is my responsibility to ensure that we have some breathing space when it comes to purchasing power. I would therefore like to introduce an index for the revaluation of pensions and salaries, based on inflation (as is already the case in some of our European neighbours).

2. Healthcare

Health was already a major issue before the Covid pandemic highlighted the shortcomings of our system. We must be able to provide immediate solutions and responses to our citizens, from the youngest to the oldest. We must rethink the hospital. Today it is run like a business and not like a health centre. As a first step, the public hospital should be run by a college of doctors. Then stop the fee-for-service system. And finally the reopening of beds without forgetting the hiring of the necessary medical staff.

3. Ecologie

I want to develop the Territorial Climate and Energy Plan (PCAET) and clean transport to improve air quality and protect health.

The Lille metropolis is crossed by many traffic routes, with dense traffic generating pollution peaks. I would like to see free public transport; the implementation of a transport flow management system to bypass the metropolis (rail and river transport); a ban on the circulation of vehicles with Crit'air 4-5 stickers during pollution peaks; the promotion of car-pooling and the development of cycle paths.

I also want to promote the development of alternative energies such as green hydrogen.

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Meet Eric and Kenza at one of the following events

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Volt France - Drapeau d'UE

Volt and the PRG will represent the pro-European alternative in the North

12th of May 2022

In the legislative elections in the North, the progressive and pro-European choice to balance ecology, economy and social issues is Volt and the PRG

Volt Lille - Journée internationale des droit des femmes

International Women's Rights Day

8th of March 2022

Eric attended the feminist strike demonstration in Lille. Equality is important, in everyday life, but also in a wider context and in balanced, equal and peaceful societies.

Volt Lille - SOS Racisme - Intervention d'Eric Galéra

Demonstration against racism and hate

5th of February 2022

In his speech, Eric stressed that we live in a diverse society because of our history and our membership of Europe. We must not give an inch to racism, hatred and all those who want to divide us. Our democracy and our way of life are defended at the ballot box and that is why it is important that the silent majority vote in the next elections

Volt Lille - Conf de Presse pour soutenir l'Ukraine

Support for the Ukraine

24th of February 2022

Today we gathered on the bridge #kharkiv, not Kharkov by its Russian name, #VoltLille was present at the speech of Madame le Maire Martine Aubry for her support in these difficult times for Ukraine.

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