Volt France - Aude Cazein & Mathieu Pouletty

Aude Cazein & Mathieu Pouletty

For the 3rd constituency of French citizens established outside France (Northern Europe)

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Aude Cazein

Volt France - Aude Cazein

Originally from Paris, I have been in England for 8 years working as a data analyst.

The Brexit has changed my daily habits and made my life in London more complex. This is why I am convinced that a strong and federal Europe is necessary to work on key issues of the future such as global warming, democratic culture and war.

Mathieu Pouletty

Married, father of 3 children. Lawyer from the Paris Bar School, former city councillor in Saint Mandé and treasurer of Volt Denmark, where I have lived for 20 years.

I am specialised in international taxation. I have always been motivated for a European construction that could respond to geopolitical needs by constituting a union defending humanism and democracy: a light in the face of darkness!

Our priorities

With Volt, French people abroad can get involved locally, in France and in their country of residence, from Denmark to the United Kingdom and Ireland, via Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Baltic States.

1. Ecology

We want to contribute to a more sustainable way of fishing, which starts with a ban on bottom trawling which is a threat to our already fragile marine ecosystems. We need to prevent our oceans from becoming dead seas and a different and more sustainable approach to fishing is a necessary part of this.

2. Education

Education can be a great lever for social justice and we would like our education to do that. We need to extend programmes like Erasmus to all students, whether they are at university or not and whether they are in the UK or the EU. Borders can be overcome by knowing and connecting. This is the compass of the European Union and we would like to ensure that the generations that grow up will have this European fibre by facilitating their participation in exchange programmes and by integrating European culture and history into the school curriculum.

3. Public Administration

We want to improve the situation for French citizens who wish to settle abroad or return to France. We live on a continent that gives the right to free movement, but the bureaucratic reality is often different. This issue needs to be addressed both at the national level by providing relocation assistance and at the European level by extending our European Economic Union through the social and political dimensions - from education to pensions and voting rights.

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