Legislatives 2022

what if we vote for political renewal ?

Political renewal is becoming urgent. Support Volt to make room for pragmatism, progressive ideas and pan-European politics.

Our budget for the legislative elections

Objectif 1: 15 000€  Objectif 2: 30 000€ Objectif 3Objectif 4Objectif 5Updated on june 10th, 2022


Our priorities

we have developed and adopted a number of strategic priorities and measures on which we want to campaign for these elections.

Read more about our ideas to strengthen Europe, improve our democractic system in France, adress ecology and climate change and working to be a truly inclusive society.

Our candidates

Constituencies of French citizens established outside France

99 Les circonscriptions étrangères

Volt France - Legislatives - Candidates 4e Circonscription dehors de la France (Benelux)

Cédric Deverchere 
Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

4th district (Benelux)

Robin Fontaire & Zoe Gadeyne

Robin Fontaine
& Zoe Gadeyne

5th district (Péninsule Ibérique)

Volt France - Legislatives - Candidates 7e Circonscription dehors de la France (Europe-Centrale)

Valerie Chartrain 
Laurent Romary

7th district (Europe-Centrale)

Volt France - Lea Hetz et Thierry Gibert

Léa Agathe Hetz
& Thierry Gibert

8th district (Méditerranée)

Volt France - Aude Cazein & Mathieu Pouletty

Aude Cazein
& Mathieu Pouletty

3th district (L'Europe du Nord)

Metropolitan France

13 Bouches du Rhône

Volt France - Anne Chamayou et Alexandre Bisquerra

Anne Chamayou
& Alexandre Bisquerra

5th district

35 Ille-et-Vilaine

Volt France - Stéphane Péan et Armelle Maguer

Stéphane Péan
& Armelle Maguer

7th district

44 Loire-Atlantique

Volt France - Christine Lambart et Adrien Copros

Christine Lambart
& Adrien Copros

2nd district

59 Nord

Volt France - Eric Galéra et Kenza Mounsi

Eric Galéra
& Kenza Mounsi

9th district

Volt France - Claire Desbois et Nicolas Rocca

Claire Desbois
& Nicolas Rocca

4th district

64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Volt France - Thibault Pathias et Pauline Descroix

Thibault Pathias
& Pauline Descroix

5th district

67 Bas-Rhin

Volt France - Frédéric Seigle-Murandi et Caroline Rey

Frédéric Seigle-Murandi
& Caroline Rey

1th district

68 Haut-Rhin

Volt France - David Dolui et Mailys Viallie

David Dolui
& Maïlys Vaillie

5th district

69 Rhône

Volt France - Laura Winkelmuller et Emilien Oumehdi

Laura Winkelmuller
& Emilien Oumehdi

6th district

75 Paris

Volt France - Elise Magne et Maxime Touillet-Orsini

Elise Magne
& Maxime Touillet-Orsini

2nd district

Volt France - Johannes Leininger et Fabiola Conti

Johannes Christoph Leininger
& Fabiola Conti

18th district

91 Essonne

Volt France - Jules Rohault de Fleury et Johanna Dirlewanger-Lücke

Jules Rohault de Fleury
& Johanna Dirlewanger-Lücke

6th district

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