European elections 2024

It's time to sync french and european politics

2019 was the first time Volt Europa ran for election. In many countries, we were not ready. We lacked the resources to collect signatures and the know-how to finance a campaign. Nevertheless, we participated in 8 countries and elected Damian Boeselager in Germany as our first MEP.

2024 will be different. We are 25,000 members across Europe. We have elected members at national, regional and local level in many countries in Europe and we are preparing to run in all 27 countries with a common programme. Our European objective remains to elect at least 25 MEPs from at least 7 countries to form an independent group in the Parliament. Our objective in France is to contribute to this common project and to elect at least one French european deputy.

Our budget for the European elections

Objectif 175 000€Objectif 2250 000€Updated 31st of May, 2023

23 241€

Eurostars : 7/500

Our sponsorship programme. We are looking for 500 people to support us with €500 in 2023 and 2024.

The Spinoza Circle

Our Spinoza circle of major supporters across Europe - a space for exchange on the future of Europe, European politics and democracy in France and elsewhere and how to work together towards achieving them.

Updated May 31th, 2023, Photo : © ALAIN JOCARD / AFP